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While New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D) may be considered a Democratic “party man” when it comes to domestic policy, his foreign policy stances often part ways with the White House and his party. As a Cuban American, Sen. Menendez is keenly aware of the atrocities and human rights abuses that take place when tyrants rule with impunity, so he is often on the opposite side of the president and the Democrat party when it comes to dealing with the murderous dictatorship in Cuba as well the dictatorships in Iran, North Korea, and elsewhere. And as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his opposition carries a lot of weight.

Therefore, it is perhaps not much of a mystery who is behind these constant smear campaigns against Sen. Bob Menendez and who is so desperate to get him out of the way.

Our good friend Fausta explores the mystery in Fausta’s Blog:

Who is to gain from smearing Robert Menendez?

Long-time readers of this blog know that I have not written favorably about the senior senator from New Jersey in the past.

This new story, however, has the fetid odor of a smear campaign:
Feds reportedly looking into Robert Menendez for allegedly helping fugitive bankers. The “fugitive bankers” are Ecuadorian brothers William and Roberto Isaías, who fled Ecuador ten years ago after the government allegedly confiscated media outlets they owned which were critical of the government. They are here legally.

The Isaías brothers

have a variety of real estate and oil holdings in the United States, and recently acquired to broadcast rights of CNN Latino. They have also created a network of private schools, according to Andes, Ecuador’s state news agency.

Now NBC NY is echoing the accusations the Ecuadorian government made against the brothers, charges for which Ecuador has provided no evidence,

The ambassador recommended the Isaias brothers be kicked out of the United States. But to date, the Justice Department says Ecuador’s government, which has been at odds with the U.S. in recent years, has not provided enough evidence to warrant extradition.

Ecuador has seized many of the Isaias brothers’ assets in that country. But so far, a court in Florida has rejected Ecuador’s efforts to seize assets inside the U.S.

Based on unnamed sources, NBC says that

the FBI is looking into why the New Jersey Democrat contacted a high-ranking official at the Department of Homeland Security in April 2012 to ask him to give “full consideration” and “expedite” its review of the case of William and Roberto Isaias, who are seeking permanent residence in the U.S. The report said Menendez also made calls to the Department of State about the brothers.

And Ricardo Patino, Ecuador’s chancellor, has said he thinks campaign donations to American politicians have helped the brothers stay in the country.

Let’s ponder that for a moment: The Correa regime thinks something, so NBC NY runs a story on it?

The same NBC whose talking heads support immigration amnesty?

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10 thoughts on “Another smear campaign against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ): Who wants him out so badly?”

  1. “…may be considered a Democratic ‘party man’ when it comes to domestic policy…”

    “May”? Really? “May”? His domestic voting record as a Democrat is pure socialist progressive bullshit. He’s an enemy of liberty and freedom in MY country, THIS country, despite his oh-so-noble (and politically motivated) stance on Cuba…

  2. Any enemy of the Cuban Communist Regime — regardless of his or her political affiliation — is a friend of mine. Senator Menendez has been a stalwart defender of human rights in Cuba. I hope that the Senator will be vindicated soon.

  3. Even though that “friend” is doing everything to fuck you HERE in this country where you live. Smart…

  4. I’m afraid George is right. If we overlook BM’s domestic record, we’re no better than Mandela was with Castro. It may well be that he’s being falsely accused for ulterior motives, and neither Correa’s government nor NBC can be trusted, but he’s still not doing the US any good in Congress.

  5. The issue here, Asombra, is that while BM is not doing the U.S. any good with his domestic policy voting record, his foreign policy stances are the only thing in the Senate stopping Obama from completely destroying what little we have left on the foreign policy front. This is not about forgiving BM for his atrocious domestic voting record because he’s with us on foreign policy. This is about acknowledging the reality that as bad as BM may be for America, his successor, should BM lose his chairmanship, is many times worse and much more dangerous to our country. Until the Republicans takeover the Senate, our choices are severely limited.

    It makes zero sense to join Obama in the taking down of Menendez just because he’s a “Democrat” and have him replaced by someone who will rubber stamp the dangerous White House foreign policy agenda.

  6. Alberto, I take your point, but the only reason you have one is that SO many people in Congress (not to mention Obama) should never have been elected, let alone re-elected, meaning that SO many voters are dangerously unfit to vote.

  7. You are absolutely right, Asombra. There are way too many people in congress that should never have been elected. But we can spend all our time and effort lamenting the current state of affairs or we can deal with the reality that has befallen us. Right now, we are perilously close to the abyss and if another obstacle to Obama’s agenda is taken out, we will quickly go over the edge. You have to make do with what you got. If the alternative to BM is Cardin, I’ll take BM every single day.

    Hopefully we’ll have more options in January 2015, but to call for the downfall of BM knowing full well his replacement will be much worse is senseless.

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