UPDATE on Antúnez and his wife: situation still critical

Antúnez re-paints signs on his porch
The most beautiful porch in Castrogonia

Immortal words from a mortal and extremely vulnerable Cuban, written over the blue paint with which Castronoid police had blotted out previous expressions of dissent:

“Down with the Castros”
“I will not shut up and I will not leave Cuba”

Martha Beatriz Roque just emailed the following message at 3:29 pm EST.

A la 1 y 40 pm volvieron a arrestar a Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez y a su esposa Iris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, los sacaron  de la casa esposado, a pesar de que él está en su séptimo día de huelga de hambre y hoy ha vomitado tres veces sangre y bilis y no ha podido orinar desde ayer, pues no está tomando agua. Los soltaron a las 3 de la tarde, pero volvieron a entrar impunemente a su casa.

Tomaron video hacièndose los buenos le dijeron a Iris que bajo custodia mèdica si podìa salir. Este video según Iris es el que necesitan para poner en la televisión porque incluso estaban recogiendo los regueros que dejaron.

Iris respondió que ella no estaba presa para tener que salir acompañada de su casa con custodia médica y como buena noticia me dice que Antúnez accedió a ponerse hielo en la boca.
Los de la seguridad del estado le tomaron los signos vitales y lo estaban filmando y los de la brigada especial que siempre los han maltratado le pusieron las esposas diciendo que con cuidado.
Èl me hizo llegar algunas fotos para que las subiera a internet y aquí las envío.

Summary:  Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez and his wife Iris Tamara Pérez Aguilera were handcuffed and taken from their home around 1:40 this afternoon.  Antúnez is in the seventh day of a total hunger strike: no food or water.  Today he vomited blood and bile three times and hasn’t been able to urinate since yesterday.   Today, he moderated his abstinence from water very slightly by rubbing ice on his lips.

They were both released around 3 pm, but in the meantime, state police entered their home and ransacked it again for “illegal” objects.

Police filmed their release and return to their home, and carefully cleaned up the mess they had made during the search – and then filmed a perfectly orderly house.  They also filmed some medics checking Antúnez’s vital signs.  Iris thinks this film will be broadcast on television to “prove” there is no abuse involved.

Iris was informed that she can only leave her house under the care of medical personnel.  Iris responded by saying she was not a prisoner and should be able to come and go as she pleases.

The special brigade that has been harassing them — and has painted over their house three times to cover up anti-Castro slogans — is the same one that handcuffed them and led them away.  Their parting words were “be careful.”

Antúnez took some photos of their house, and of the protest signs he has just re-written over the blue paint with which the state police blotted out –for the third time — slogans he had written in opposition to the Castro regime.

Antúnez  has asked that these photos be distributed on the internet as widely as possible.

So, here they are:

Antúnez restores signs blotted out by police
Antúnez restores signs blotted out by police


Antúnez después de la 1ra vez que le pintaron la casa, ya son 3 veces_resize
The full monty

“Abajo Castro” = Down with Castro

“Castro Asesino” =  Castro Murderer

“Castro Ladron” =  Castro Thief

“Ni me callo ni me voy de Cuba” = I will not shut up and I will not leave Cuba

“Cuba si, Castro no” =  Yes to Cuba, no to Castro


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