Che Guevara’s hagiographer (Jon Lee Anderson) writes “in-depth” article about Venezuelan mess–without mentioning Cuba!!!

“Thanks, Jon! We KNEW we could STILL count on you!”

For obvious personal and professional affinities one-time G-2 chieftain and head of Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior (secret police) Ramiro Valdes (seen above with Venezuelan butt-boy Nicolas Maduro) was one of Che Chevara’s closest associates in Cuba. Ramiro Valdes, in fact, was Che’s 2nd in command at the La Cabana killing fields.

An excerpt from Che Guevara-hagiographer Anderson’s current piece in the New Yorker:

“But video footage shows that the shootings were, in fact, the work of members of the Venezuelan police and plainclothes agents working with them. (The police also operated in apparent tandem with militiamen from radical colectivos who operate out of the city’s slums and also attacked protesters.) Maduro has acknowledged that members of the Intelligence Service infiltrated the protests, and dismissed its director in response to the video evidence of policeman firing shots at demonstrators.”

No mention of the 120,000 free barrels of Venezuelan oil flowing daily to the regime co-founded by his idol (Che Guevara.) No mention of the thousands of intelligence and police “specialists” who essentially run those repressive functions in Venezuela, trained the colectivos  and were sent by the regime his idol co-founded. Anderson (who wrote his Che hagiography while living in Cuba and in conjunction with the Stalinist regime’s propaganda ministry) gets in and out of Cuba essentially at will, probably on his “journalist” visa.  Here’s Anderson’s lonely mention of Cuba:

“Strenuous efforts should now be made by Latin America’s most able diplomats—including those from Cuba, which has a key advisory role in Venezuela. Diplomats in Washington need to help, too.”

“Key advisory role.” Got dat? Yes, kinda like Reinhard Heydrich’s “key advisory role” in Czechoslovakia in 1942.

In other words, according to Che Guevara’s hagiographer, Cuba’s diplomats are “very able,” and really function no differently than those of,say,Mexico or Peru. And apparently have no role and nothing to gain from the jailing, torturing and murdering of Venezuelan protestors yelling “Cubanos Go Home!”

(Che Guevara hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson delights Yaoni Sanchez with a gift of flowers at literary festival in Colombia last month.)

“I have yet to find a single credible source pointing to a case where Che executed ‘an innocent.’ ( Jon Lee Anderson)


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  1. Maybe YS was being “pragmatic” or “ironic,” but all I know is that any Cuban who appears to have no problem with a Che hagiographer is indecorous, to say the least.

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