CPAC 2014: Cruz and Rubio

Yesterday’s speeches by Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio at the 2014 CPAC were good, strong, fearless, and inspiring…

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3 thoughts on “CPAC 2014: Cruz and Rubio”

  1. While I am a Cruz supporter I have lost all faith in Rubio. CPAC has become a song and dance where some dance for the piper as the piper has the money. People will say what the people want, they will get people all lathered up, then return to the same ol same ol…….
    There is no hope for the GOP and once your grow in the GOP it is much like the mob. You don’t come out alive.

  2. Marco became a (willing?) victim of the John McCain reverse Midas touch: everything he touches turns to shit. All he had to do was ask conservatives what they thought of this fraud and he would’ve run away like the wind…

    It was a great speech, though. From both of them.

  3. Rubio greatly disappointed, but in retrospect he was overrated. Lots of surface appeal, much more than the average politician, but the same was true of JFK. He’s certainly not without talents, but he clearly lacks truly sound judgment, and I’m afraid he’s really a very attractive lightweight.

    McCain is a sad case, because he probably means well and believes he’s doing the right thing, when in fact he’s ineffectual and has become essentially a joke, respected by neither side. He reminds me somewhat of Cuba’s President Prío, an affable man who never had the right stuff but persisted in “doing something” and wound up being far worse than if he’d just walked away and left things alone.

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