El Salvador Joins Venezuela-FARC Axis–electorally


Hollywood tells us that mobsters hate commies. “I kill a communist for fun!” snarls narco-trafficking capo Tony Montana in Oliver Stone’s 1983 screenplay for Scarface. “For a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice!”

In real life it doesn’t work that way. To wit: “Thanks to Fidel Castro,” boasted late FARC commander Tiro-Fijo in a 2002 interview, “we are now a powerful army, not a hit and run band.” A report by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency attributes half of the world’s cocaine supply to Columbia’s FARC, the largest, oldest and most murderous terrorist group in our Hemisphere, whose murder toll dwarfs that of Al Qaeda and the Taliban combined and includes many murdered U.S. citizens. Yes, this same drug-running FARC thanks Fidel Castro for their immense fame and fortune.

In the 1980’s the Cuba-Soviet backed Faribundo Marti Liberation Front (FMLF) waged a terror campaign trying to cubanize the small and impoverished Central American nation of El Salvador. The government fought back and tens of thousands of Salvadorans perished in a variety of ways on both sides of what became a full-fledged and—as usual for such conflicts– brutal civil war. The U.S. media habitually pegged all resulting deaths on “Right-Wing Death Squads,”—often spicing up the description with “U.S.-backed” or “U.S.-trained.”

It’s an old story for anyone who fights Communist terror. “If rape’s inevitable” goes the joke. “Lay back and enjoy it!” Same apparently goes for communist revolution. Any resistance will only make things worse, and get you demonized by all “respectable” academic and academic parties. There are no historical exceptions to this rule. From Pilsudski and Horthy in Eastern Europe through Franco in Spain to Pinochet in Chile— all violently (and successfully) resisted the violent communization of their nations. And all sport horns and a tail in media/academic depictions.

After being crushed militarily thanks to help from the Reagan administration in the 1980’s the FMLF renounced violence and went respectable as a political party in the 1990’s. Now they steal and buy elections. Chicago politics will get you what Bolshevik terror couldn’t, seems like the new motto for Latin American socialists.

This stealing and buying of elections is made easy by the billions of dollars flooding into the area from narco-trafficking. So essentially it’s facilitated by Americans’ appetite for drugs.

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