Washington Post and NPR “reporter” Nick Miroff married to daughter of Cuban G-2 founder and KGB protege Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero

Wapo, NPR, etc. “reporter” Nick Miroff (who specializes in Latin America) and wife Camila Piniera Harnacker, (an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime.)

NPR and Washington Post correspondent Mick Miroff also corresponds with the “Center for Public Integrity.” Our mission: “To serve democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.”

So we thought it proper to reveal some of Miroff’s own powerful connections. Nick Miroff’s wife Camila Piniero (the issue of a marriage between one of Cuba’s most powerful secret police/KGB-proteges and an apparatchik who served Chilean communist Salvador Allende) today serves as an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime.

Unsurprisingly, Miroff’s wife Camila Alejandra Piñeiro Harnecker (like Miroff) studied at Berkeley.  Unsurprisingly, she gets U.S. visas for the asking, while former Honduran interim (and Constitutional and pro-U.S.) President Roberto Micheletti got his yanked years ago.

(Top left) The gentleman who would have been father-in-law to The  Washington Post’s top Latin American “reporter.”

Alas, “Barbarroja” was among the many devoured by the Revolution he originally helped seat at the table. His offing came in 1998, well after Camilo, Che, Ochoa, etc. were offed. But Piniero was offed for identical reasons: his usefulness to the Castros had (unknown to him) expired.

Interestingly, Piniero died in a car “accident.” Interestingly, the gentleman (Nick Miroff) who married his daughter parrots the Castro-regime version of Carromero’s “car accident.” Note Miroff’s snideness towards the Paya family and Carromero.

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3 thoughts on “Washington Post and NPR “reporter” Nick Miroff married to daughter of Cuban G-2 founder and KGB protege Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero”

  1. To my eye, Miroff looks like a schmuck (comemierda in Cuban), and the wife looks like a vapidly smiling snake. But of course, like Damien Cave of the NYT, he can claim (and receive) “special” credibility on Cuba based on his marriage. Remember, the fact the daughter of veteran top Castroite official Ricardo Alarcón got a gig on HuffPo as a Cuba “expert” didn’t strike anyone as dubious, let alone outrageous–certainly not the usual suspects who run the game and make the rules.

    I mean, let’s face it: Castro, Inc. has no significant trouble being taken at face value by the MSM, so of course it’s going to use that to full advantage, as it has since the days of Herbert Matthews. If Mariela Castro, the Cuban dictator’s dutiful daughter, can get as much mileage and traction as she routinely does, then virtually anybody can, no matter how tainted or compromised. It simply makes no difference in practical terms, because the game is rigged and always has been.

    Exposing conflicts of interest or even worse dirt behind the likes of Julia Sweig or Phil Peters may amuse the bastards more than it annoys them, because it has so little effect on their situation. The real problem with the system is not ignorance or cluelessness, not even useful idiocy, but political correctness, vested interests, and yes, perverse complicity and malicious bias. I’m not saying useful idiots aren’t out there, because such cretins will always be with us, but they are secondary, not the predominant element.

    In other words, Miroff’s got nothing to worry about; the system’s got his back.

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