On this Date in History – Jimmy Carter picks the rotten fruit of engagement with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship


May 12th, 2002: President Jimmy Carter becomes the first U.S. president to visit Cuba’s island prison and meets with the murderous dictator Fidel Castro. Twelve years later, the Cuban people are still reaping the rotten fruits of President Carter’s engagement with the repressive apartheid Castro regime as record-breaking repression (here, here) sweeps the island.

6 thoughts on “On this Date in History – Jimmy Carter picks the rotten fruit of engagement with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship”

  1. Fidel’s face says “Yeah, a POTUS is here to kiss my ass. Again. And people wonder at my contempt for the US.”

  2. So has Fidel ever worn a guayabera after taking power? Wouldn’t that be far more appropriate than some casual plaid shirt, let alone the Adidas stuff?

  3. Carter likes to point out that when he was allowed to make a speech in Havana, in 2002, he spoke out in support of human rights in Cuba. He claims that Fidel Castro was forced to listen to the criticism and this had a positive effect.

    It sure did. Ten months later, Castro’s police rounded up 75 dissidents and 29 journalists during the Black Spring crack down on human rights. Way to go Jimmy, you get results!

  4. Rosalynn Carter admitted to only having surgery on her eyelids, which is why she looks like a deer in the headlights. Their daughter Amy got kicked out of Brown University for failing grades. She’s been working in her daddy’s foundation ever since.
    Here is how Granma used to depict Jimmy Carter in 1980, with a chamber pot on his head
    and here is more photos and articles on the Carter trip to Havana in 2002
    The photo on this article is from a Carter trip to Cuba during Castro’s colostomy era.

  5. The Republic of Cuba produced numerous political cartoonists and caricaturists of great wit and talent-both in their cutting humor as well as their artistic talent. Most of what I’ve seen from the communist area has been third rate at best.

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