OAS Secretary General calls on U.S. to ‘engage’ Cuba’s dictatorship to secure release of American hostage

Jose Miguel Insulza, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), is calling on the U.S. to engage with Cuba’s criminal apartheid dictatorship in order to secure the release of Alan Gross, an American aid worker held hostage by the Castro regime since 2009.

This sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea since the OAS’s engagement with the tyrannical Castro dictatorship over the past few years has been such a phenomenal success in improving human rights in Cuba!

Via The Miami Herald:

Insulza: U.S. should engage with Cuba to seek Gross’ freedom


What is it going to take to free Alan Gross, the U.S. subcontractor imprisoned in Cuba?

A: It should take some direct contact between the American government and the Cuban government. I don’t think it will happen soon unless there are some changes to be made. I always thought that agreement should be reached on the Miami Five, some have since been released. I think Mr. Gross’s situation is a humanitarian situation that must be dealt with. If it’s possible to open some kind of negotiation, it would not only be good for the people involved it would make a better climate in U.S.-Cuba relations, which are so important.

Does the OAS have any leverage with Cuba given that it no longer has any direct contact with the organization?

Cuba doesn’t participate in the organization. They have never denounced the (OAS) charter so they’re still bound by the Commission on Human Rights. But that’s basically symbolic. There’s this famous density of international relations. When you have only one or two subjects that you deal with, you have only a little bit of clout. You have a lot of clout among countries when you have a lot of relations. And that’s the case with Cuba.

But the OAS has relationships with many countries that have clout with Cuba. Can you use that?

None of them is really willing to act. I think in the case of Mr. Gross, some countries in the region could be helpful because of the importance that has been given to Mr. Gross by the media and by the United States itself. I’m sure if those actions are carried out, we won’t know much about them. All the Latin Americans are very careful about their relations with the Cuban government and they want to keep them in a normal way so they might not be willing to act to press them directly or publicly.

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  1. Behold a worthless, hollow hack. Given his indifference to the plight of Venezuelans, pretending to give a rat’s ass about Gross is not just unbelievable but obscene. But he does let some glimpses of truth slip through regarding the perversity and perfidy of the Latrine world regarding Cuba, even though those things are so blatantly obvious that he might as well be honest, however guardedly. Still, for practical purposes, was Hillary Clinton any better as SOS than he is as OAS director? Is Kerry any better now? What is wrong with this picture? Lord have mercy.

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