Heresy charges mount against Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio has done it again.

He has doubled-down on his denial of anthropogenic climate change and offended the pseudo-religion of Political Correctness, a belief system that is as intolerant of heresy as radical Islam and employs its own version of the medieval Inquisition.

This Neo-Inquisiton has no secret courts and cannot hand over the heretics to the state for punishment or execution.  Its power resides in the so-called court of public opinion, which is run by theologian-journalists.

Asked to clarify his position on the “scientific” creed of man-made climate change, Senator Rubio dared to express another heretical belief that is a million times more offensive to the Neo-Inquisition than the one he voiced earlier this week.

Marco Rubio added insult to injury by affirming that human life begins at conception.  Even worse, he professed this most awful of heresies in order to accuse the Neo-Inquisitors of hypocrisy and faulty logic.

Exposing his heretical mindset fully, Senator Rubio charged that the Neo-Inquisition is highly selective in its invocation of scientific data: just as it ignores scientific evidence that casts doubt on man-made climate change, it also ignores scientific evidence that points to the humanity of the human embryo.  In other words, the Neo-Inquisition cites only those scientists who agree with its tenets.

Of course, in making such an observation Marco Rubio displayed contempt for the sacred dogma of the Immaculate Abortion, that essential belief that proclaims all embryonic and fetal entities are no more than mere tissue, devoid of humanity.   This dogma of the Immaculate Abortion ensures that no abortion can ever be considered unethical by anyone.

So far Marco Rubio’s new display of heretical thinking has not been denounced and held up for ridicule by the major news organizations that work on behalf of the Neo-Inquisition, but it’s just a matter of time before they do.

So, on and on it advances, this Dark Age into which we are slipping.  The slippery slope keeps getting slipperier.

Kirsten Powers describes the contours of this Dark Age succinctly in an editorial at USA Today:

Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II. We have slipped into an age of un-enlightenment where you fall in line behind the mob or face the consequences.

How ironic that the persecutors this time around are the so-called intellectuals. They claim to be liberal while behaving as anything but. The touchstone of liberalism is tolerance of differing ideas. Yet this mob exists to enforce conformity of thought and to delegitimize any dissent from its sanctioned worldview. Intolerance is its calling card. …

…Don’t bother trying to make sense of what beliefs are permitted and which ones will get you strung up in the town square. Our ideological overlords have created a minefield of inconsistency….   (Continue reading HERE).

On Senator Rubio’s daring heretical display, reminiscent of Galileo’s or Giordano Bruno’s, here is the news piece from Politico:

Marco Rubio said his liberal critics show their “hypocrisy” when they cite science and label him a climate-change denier when they decline to embrace the science of human life beginning at conception.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday afternoon, the Florida senator brushed off a backlash labeling him as a climate-change denier by aggressively accusing left-leaning critics as hypocrites given their abortion rights positions. He said emphatically that the “science is settled” that life begins at conception but that liberals “will never admit” to it.

“Let me give you a bit of settled science that they’ll never admit to. The science is settled, it’s not even a consensus, it is a unanimity, that human life begins at conception,” Rubio said. “So I hope the next time someone wags their finger about science, they’ll ask one of these leaders on the left: ‘Do you agree with the consensus of science that human life begins at conception?’”

“It’s a proven fact,” Rubio said. “That’s a scientific consensus they choose to ignore.”

Rubio is responding to a firestorm over his Sunday show comments in which he said that cap-and-trade legislation will hurt the economy, not heal the environment. He told Hannity on Wednesday that he believes the climate is changing, but disagrees with the notion that science proves humans are causing it.

Rubio also said that President Barack Obama and his administration use catastrophic events as an excuse to push climate regulations.

“You’ll have a tornado somewhere or a drought and you’ll have the president or his supporters show up and say: ‘This is happening because of climate change,’” Rubio said. “As if to imply that if we eviscerate our economy by imposing cap-and-trade, these things will stop happening. That’s ridiculous.”

[….. and…. if you want to compare this report from the one in the Huffington Post, go HERE.]