How Barbara Walters buttered up Polish dictator Jaruzelski for an interview


Barbara Walters’ swinishness didn’t start–or end–with her services to Castro. Our friend Tomaz Pompowski who used to write for the Polskie Times (a Division of the London Times) forwarded me some items on how Barbara Walters eagerly accepted and parroted Polish dictator Jaruzelski’s talking points during their interview in 1983, presenting the cowardly pig as a “Polish Nationalist” instead of a boot-licking Soviet satrap. It’s an excerpt from a book by career U.S. diplomat Carl Bastiani who spent much of that career in Eastern Europe.


(BTW, the extremely dapper Tomaz Pompowski really helped the publicity for my Che book in Poland...)


“Way to go and mucho thanks, Don Tomas’!”

4 thoughts on “How Barbara Walters buttered up Polish dictator Jaruzelski for an interview”

  1. My, my, my. Forget actual sex; what we have here is journalistic prostitution–or at best incompetence. Well, Walters was a career woman, after all, the operative word being CAREER. But we should cut her some slack, since I’m sure she could still be a “ballbuster” given the “correct” target, like a Republican president or a right-wing dictator. Like I said, another usual suspect doing the usual job.

  2. Wanting to kick in the TV screen is what I felt when I watched the first Fidel “interview” by Walters, which was a “special” show meant to generate lots of buzz and ratings. I couldn’t believe how much she was playing along and into Fidel’s hands, which was of course why he agreed to let her do the thing in the first place. There were only two possible explanations: she was incredibly ignorant, stupid and naive (as in useful idiot), or she was prepared to do whatever it took to promote herself and advance her career. Needless to say, the latter explanation is far more plausible.

  3. I think Walters is more amoral than airhead. When you don’t care and act accordingly, it can look like you don’t know better or don’t get it, which is a more comforting explanation than perversity. According to her Wikipedia entry, Walters has been called an “amoral power-obsessed monster”, and the noted humorist S.J. Perelman called her “an absolute fiend” and “the most insincere, brassy nitwit in the business.” As I’ve said, I expect her overriding concern was always her position and what came with it.

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