No mail for you! Venezuela’s isolation intensifies due to airline crisis


Loss of airline service leads to collapse of Venezuela’s international mail delivery 

Here we go again.

Told you so.  You should have seen it coming.  Been there, done that…. blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda…..

This is what 21st century socialism REALLY does accomplish.

Piece by piece, a country falls apart.  In this case, a country with more oil reserves than any other on earth becomes worse than any pathetic banana republic.

No airlines, no international travel, no international mail, no bread, no toilet paper, no milk.

No hope.

No soup for you!  No mail for you!

But there is no shortage of tear gas…. or of bananas, or Cuban flags, or simian banana-eating puppet dictators who look and act like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi and allow their country to be governed from Havana.

…y con este platano maduro triunfaremos contra los imperialistas…y al carajo con el correo, viva Correa!

From The Guardian UK:

Venezuela‘s postal service has indefinitely suspended international mail deliveries, citing a collapse in the distribution system due to “excessive demand”.

Employees at the state-run company Ipostel told local media that the service had fallen victim to an ongoing dispute with international airlines over currency controls.

According to El Universal, postal workers said tonnes of undelivered international mail had accumulated at Ipostel sorting offices after deliveries to at least 29 countries were suspended. On Tuesday, employees refused to open post offices in Caracas in protest at the decision, which many suspect might lead to mass firings.

“The company is practically bankrupt, not only with its international deliveries but also its basic services because we have no materials or equipment,” said Jose Gallardo, of a labour union in the eastern state of Anzoategui.

Ipostel employees say international deliveries are impossible because of a dispute between Venezuela and international airlines. At least three major carriers have stopped or reduced flights to Venezuela.

Last week Lufthansa said it would no longer sell tickets in Caracas, four days after announcing that Frankfurt to Caracas was its most profitable route, and Alitalia said it was suspending flights to Caracas. Air Canada suspended its service in February because of political instability that has claimed more than 40 lives in three months.

A spokesperson for Alitalia told CNN that the airline had withdrawn its Caracas route “due to the ongoing critical currency situation in Venezuela”, which was “no longer economically sustainable”. Lufthansa said it would resume the route after Venezuela cancelled its debt….

…President Nicolas Maduro has said airlines that leave Venezuela will not be allowed back in as long as he remains in power. “Airlines have no excuse to reduce flights to Venezuela,” he said after Air Canada ceased operations. “If an airline chooses to leave the country, it won’t come back as long as we’re the government. They will have to overthrow us. They won’t return.”

Whole sad story HERE

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