Marathon to be held in Havana!!!… so cool !!!!


Why hold a marathon in Havana, where the natives have no means to take up the sport for real?

Because  running through a human zoo is so very cool! (Especially when a handful of natives who have no chance to win join the race in their primitive garb!)

So cool, in fact, that no fixed number of exclamation points can do justice to the news!

Conde Nast Daily Traveler tells everyone exactly how cool the event will be!

If running through a slave plantation is not enough of a draw for you, perhaps you can be enticed by the prospect of bragging that you got to visit a “forbidden” country!

Insensitve oafs of the running world, unite, you have nothing to lose at all!

Never mind your dignity and common decency: feeling superior to the natives is so cool!

And be sure to click on all the embedded links — especially the article from Running Times — to get the full effect of how utterly cool is it to travel to Cuba and to run alongside a few Cubans, none of whom wear the right kind of shoes! (see photo below)

And if you do click on that Running Times article, you will also be inspired immediately by its title — Cuba Libre! — which is so clever and such a cool reference to the kind of drinks you can order from your bar slave at the beach, as you rest your overworked body by the turquoise sea!

What the hell… don’t wait to click on that link below, click this HERE right now and read that cool article first, before the piece from Conde Nast.  It is soooo cool !


Human zoo at its best: Cuban woman wears Converse All Stars in Havana Marathon! How quaint!  How funny!
Human zoo at its best: Cuban woman wears Converse All Stars and improper apparel in Havana Marathon! How quaint! How hilarious!

The Newest Legal Way to See Cuba: Running the Havana Marathon

Marathoners who’ve already checked Boston, Chicago, and New York off their bucket lists now have a new long-distance running opportunity: Tour company Insight Cuba has just announced three new trips that coincide with the Marabana Havana Marathon on November 16, 2014, and Americans can, for one of the first times ever, participate in the race legally.

“To our knowledge, no one else has run this kind of trip to Cuba,” says Insight Cuba president Tom Popper, citing conversations he’s had with race director Carlos Gattorno about the lack of organized groups of Americans participating in the marathon. While Popper’s organization did send approximately 30 runners in 2011, the new trips will be under an amateur sports license issued specifically for the marathon. That means American racers can legally participate with the blessing of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The three new tours are open to both full and half-marathon racers, as well as folks who may be traveling with them but not running. A shorter four-day tour (November 14–17) focuses on the race, while longer eight-day tours (November 10–17 and November 14–21) offer more time for guided exploring, including meetings with Cuban runners and other locals. Accommodations for all three trips are at the Meliá Cohiba, and prices range from $2,495 to $4,395, not including airfare.

As for what it’s like to run 26.2 miles through Havana? Brian Metzler wrote a lengthy account of Insight Cuba’s 2011 trip in Running Times. And if you don’t have a marathoner’s constitution, here are more tips on how to travel to Cuba legally.


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  1. That’s the best pair of shoes she’s ever had. Besides, it beats running the marathon in chancletas de palo.

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