CIA Bay of Pigs “secrets” still sealed

Orange Bowl, Miami, December 1962. If you look with a microscope you might see the author Tres Fotutos sitting on the upper deck, between the light posts.

Well, well, look at this….

The CIA is still hanging on to secret files on the Bay of Pigs fiasco, one of the worst disasters of John Kennedy’s presidency.

As every Cuban knows, President Kennedy was personally responsible for scuttling the invasion — after the men had landed– and for betraying Brigade 2506.  Kennedy acted against the advice of the CIA, the US military, and advisors close to him (including his own brother Robert), but even before the last of the invaders had been killed or captured, a decision was reached at the White House to blame the fiasco on the CIA.

So, to this day, most Americans still believe that the CIA bungled the operation and Kennedy was blameless.

And most Americans also don’t know that within days of the Bay of Pigs disaster, the Kennedy administration decided to seriously escalate US involvement in Viet Nam as a means of saving face and projecting American strength.

What is in this fifth secret volume of the CIA’s own investigation?  And why is it still classified as secret?  Could it be more proof of Kennedy’s ineptitude?  (The liberal web site that posted this report seems to think, of course, that evil Republicans are protecting the CIA).

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50 Years Later, CIA Still Refuses to Release One Volume of Report on Invasion of Cuba

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been granted the legal authority to refuse to release an historical report on the failed Bay of Pigs invasion more than 50 years ago.

The matter arose after the National Security Archive, a nonprofit historical organization at George Washington University, sued the CIA to obtain the last portion of an internal history about the April 1961 mission to overthrow Fidel Castro of Cuba.

The first four volumes of the report, written by CIA staff historian Jack Pfeiffer, have been released over the years. But the CIA refused to release the Volume V draft, claiming it was authorized under an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act to withhold the information. A final version of the report has not been produced.

The legal battle reached the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, where a divided panel of judges ruled 2-1 in favor of the CIA.

The majority opinion stated “that a draft of an agency’s official history is pre-decisional and deliberative, and thus protected under the deliberative process privilege.”

Judge Brett Kavanaugh did concede that “there may be no final agency document because a draft died on the vine.” That means the CIA could sit on the document indefinitely as long as it never finalizes the draft report.

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