Former CIA station chief in Cuba spits on graves of Escambray freedom-fighter/martyrs

(Above must be all photoshopped. Because former CIA station chief in Santiago Cuba says it never happened…?)

Consider this: From 1957-59 (during the height of the Cold War) the United Stated government relied on crackerjack CIA officer Robert D. Chapman (who was CIA station chief in Santiago, Cuba) for crucial inside info on the Castro movement…Well, we all know the rest of DAT story!

But as they say: “A guilty conscience is the mother of invention.” So after Chapman & Co. helped ease Castro’s path to power, this crackerjack CIA “expert” also took it upon himself to rationalize Castro’s hold on power–by maligning the thousands of heroic Escambray freedom-fighters. From his review of my latest book:

“Mr. Fontova presents pictures of Cuba that never happened: “When Castro began to confiscate farms,” he writes, “the enraged campesinos (farmers) rose in arms in thousands…The resistance, 90 miles from the U.S. shores, involved ten times the number of rebels, ten times the number of casualties and more than twice the amount of time as the skirmish against Batista. Had the rebels gotten a fraction of the aid the Afghan Mujahedeen received, they would have been victorious.”

I debriefed a Cuban “guerrilla,” who gone into the Sierra Escambray, with his rifle, and he was there for 18 months. But he never fired a shot. I asked him why he never fired his rifle.

“Senor,” he said, “If I had fired my rifle, the Army would know I was there. They would come and kill me.”

Enough said! No more questions.”

Enough said indeed! Chapman debriefed ONE guerrilla! That’s his entire basis for discounting the Escambray rebellion! So all of Enrique Encinosa’s superb work on the Escambray rebellion–the interviews with fighters, etc.–is pure poppycock, apparently! My books cite Encinosa’s work extensively in the acknowledgements, the text and the footnotes.

escambray6Fidel laughing2

Chapman could have followed my footnotes. But his (guilty) mind is made up….folks, people like Chapman were the ones entrusted by the U.S. government first to inform them on Castro–then to OVERTHROW him! Any more questions about why Castro’s still there!?



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  1. Chapman clearly overestimates his knowledge, discernment or “expertise” regarding Cuba, but others with even weaker credentials (if any) have been guilty of the same or greater overreach. However, while there may certainly be condescension and delusional superiority involved, he does make some valid points, even if they are unpleasant and uncomfortable (as well they should be). There is, after all, no getting around the fact that Cubans fucked up REALLY badly, even if they got screwed by non-Cubans on top of that.

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