Ay! New York Daily News endorses Castro-loving, corrupt, decrepit Charlie Rangel for Congress


Few politicians embody what is wrong with American politics more intensely or offensively than Charlie Rangel.

Shamelessly old and feeble, corrupt to the core, besotted with love for the Castro brothers and other Latrine American dictators, and always eager to play the race card, Rangel should have been chased away from public life decades ago.  Yet, the Daily News, one of New York’s least distinguished but most widely-read newspapers is endorsing him again, as it has done many times before.

It matters little that this newspaper attracts a readership with fourth-grade reading skills.  It has the power to sway votes among the lowbrow masses.  Worse yet, its editors reflect the blindness and sheer stupidity that afflicts much of America.


Once more with Charlie
Rangel is the Democrats’ best choice for Congress

At the age of 84 and after 44 years in Congress, Rep. Charlie Rangel is seeking a likely last hurrah with reelection to a 23rd term in Washington. The voters of the 13th district, covering upper Manhattan and some of the Bronx, should give it to him.

Rangel is also pursuing redemption after disastrously squandering his seniority and his chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee, and suffering the humiliation of censure by his peers in the House of Representatives, for ethical breaches and disregarding tax obligations.

His offenses seemed to doom him two years ago and prompted this page to say then that enough of Rangel was enough. He prevailed nonetheless, proving that the voters held his long and distinguished service in higher regard than his late-career lapses.

Read more of this nauseating drivel HERE.


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  1. It’s useless to blame Rangel, let alone expect him to act against his nature. He’s a classic case of enabled and condoned chicanery, and he’ll keep at it as long as he possibly can. Yes, he’s disgusting, but not as much as the society and system that “humors” him. As for loving Castro, I doubt it, unless he’s considerably dimmer than he appears. I expect it’s much more a matter of image, fashion and anti-Americanism, as it is for many similar types.

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