And the next domino to fall in Latrine America is….

Comandante Ramiro in his current uniform
Comandante Ramiro in his current uniform

…. suspense….. no, really….. no suspense at all.

It really doesn’t matter who is next because the entire southern half of the Western hemisphere is well on its way to becoming a communist empire.

But if you want to keep track of the order in which the dominoes are falling, then here’s the answer: El Salvador seems to be next in line.

And the force causing the dominoes to fall comes from the Havana/Caracas axis.

Perhaps they will all end up as provinces of the Chinese or Iranian empires, along with the United States and Canada?

Time will tell.  But for now, what matters most is that the dominoes are falling fast and the U.S. is doing nothing about it.

If you’d like to see how El Salvador’s leading Marxist “Comandante” thinks, go HERE to read his own words, in Spanish.

From left to right: José Luis Merino ("Comandante Ramiro") and fellow communist guerrillas in their jungle glory days.
From left to right: José Luis Merino (“Comandante Ramiro”) and fellow communist guerrillas in their jungle glory days.

From Inter American Security Watch:

Salvadorian Puppet Master


The most powerful man in El Salvador is a shadow.

“Comandante Ramiro” was nowhere in the official photos of the June 1 inauguration of El Salvador’s new president, nor did his name appear in any news reports.

“Ramiro” is the nom de guerre of José Luis Merino, a Marxist guerrilla commander turned political mandarin and underworld fixer with the ear of the president and unaccountable control over hundreds of millions of Venezuelan petro-dollars.

Diplomats describe Merino as a ‘shadowy [Marxist] hardliner strongman,’ while political rivals say he’s a ‘gangster.’

That combination makes him kingmaker in San Salvador, and that’s got many people worried. Merino has a web of murky contacts throughout the region, making him the link between corrupt government officials and the Latin American underworld, with the potential to undermine the democratic process in a Central American country with a troubled past.

“It’s one more element that is able to carry out criminal activities under state sponsorship or state control, and I find that very worrisome,” said Douglas Farah, a writer and security analyst who testified on Merino’s activities to a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Terrorism in February this year.

Short, pudgy and casually dressed in short-sleeved shirts, Merino is an unassuming sight. His party, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), insists he’s also an unassuming person, who reactionary forces have falsely made into a communist bogeyman.

The U.S. Embassy doesn’t agree. Diplomats describe him as a “shadowy [Marxist] hardliner strongman,” while political rivals say he’s a “gangster.”

Merino’s connections to the Venezuelan government — and the access to Venezuela petro-dollars it provides — are the source of much of his power.

He’s probably going to be the most powerful person in the government … because of the economic clout he wields.

He controls a joint FMLN-Venezuelan venture called ALBA Petróleos, which sells Venezuelan oil at discount prices. ALBA’s finances are shrouded in secrecy but the company has control over hundreds of millions of dollars in social and business investments.

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2 thoughts on “And the next domino to fall in Latrine America is….”

  1. These are the ignorant illiterates that then come to USA to wear Che t-shirts, vote democrat/left-wing, and inject the same populist shit. Virginia alone has already been flipped as a blue state because of Salvadorians. More than half of them don’t even know who Thomas Jefferson is nor do they comprehend enough of the national language to understand the presidential debates but they sure vote.

    Yet, the big idiots here are those that allow their nation to be invited and degraded by an immigration with such a low social and skilled level. Any self-respecting nation with brains would simply have a migratory worker’s program and call it a day. They would also not elect someone with zero experience, that goes to an anti-American “church” for 20 years, that has nothing but communist friends and mentors, etc. Granted, the zoned and democrat public school system, the one that’s mostly an incompetent and over-unionized joke, will not get these people out of “el barrio” either.

    This is another needy and politically-servile group of “victims” crying “racism” and “inequality” for years to come. Integration and melting pot, my d*&(. I walk through the crowded halls of colleges, in their areas, and I only see two, if that.

    Once running to the next county no longer cuts it, once the corruption and socioeconomic decay is no longer regional but federal, it will hit Americans in the face (unless they continue smoking marijuana and worrying about free contraceptives). By then it will be too late; so yes, they will probably be better off fighting for easier access to marijuana.

    To conclude, Cubans may have been spoiled idiots back in the 1950s but they never elected an open communist. More so, despite the warnings from those who knew better (including Batista’s) we must take into account that back then the idea of communism in America, and in particular Cuba, was a mockable one in the minds of the general population. The real exiles didn’t come here to vote democrat either.

    Let’s also not ignore that Castro was armed, promoted, propped, and later protected by USA. Had USA never intervened in Cuban affairs Castro, despite how much attention he may have gathered, would have never chased out a military and gained power. Cuban generals left Cuba to its fate do to continuing American intervention and pressure, not the bum of Che. This reality is the reason why no other copycat guerrilla effort in Latrine America succeeded. It’s also the reason why the involvement of Frank Sturgis and his CIA superiors are something that neither side, American nor Cuban, is too interested in promoting.

    Anyhow, I suppose some need to fall and taste it themselves…

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