U.S. Rep. Joe Garica (D-FL) may be a laughing stock in the U.S., but they love him in Cuba

When U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) was elected to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district in November of 2012, we all knew we were in store for at least two years of the clownish Garcia’s seemingly uncontrollable penchant for saying and doing the most obtuse and imbecilic things imaginable. Now that we are reaching the end of his first (and hopefully last) term in congress, no one can say Garcia did not come through as expected. In fact, he exceeded our expectations and managed to become not only the laughing stock of South Florida, but the country as well. From his infamous claim that “we’ve proved that communism works” to picking and eating his own earwax on live television, Joe Garcia has managed to expose his doltish behavior to a much larger audience and drastically increase the number of people who laugh at him. There is, however, a bright spot (if you can call it that) for Garcia; they love him in Castro’s Cuba.

In the latest issue of the magazine On Cuba, a very poorly written publication owned by Castro dictatorship supporter and U.S. business partner Hugo Cancio, Rep. Joe Garcia graces the cover and is the feature story. If you can get past the first couple of paragraphs of this incredibly badly written article, you will notice that while the entire country may be laughing at Garcia, this pro-Castro magazine thinks he is just wonderful. While gaining the support of the Castro dictatorship in Cuba and its supporters may not be of much help at the ballot box this November (but I am sure they are furiously working on a solution for that), Joe Garcia can at least take comfort in knowing that while the U.S. is laughing at him, the Castro brothers and their minions in the U.S. are courteous enough to only laugh behind his back.

3 thoughts on “U.S. Rep. Joe Garica (D-FL) may be a laughing stock in the U.S., but they love him in Cuba”

  1. Judging by the logo one would think this is a tech magazine or one pertaining to a country where people could at least have internet or cable.

    Interesting choice for a crumbling dystopia bound to deceit, lies, and propaganda since 1959. You know, the type of place so oppressed and economically ruined that the average citizen cannot even afford the $4.95 magazine.

    Oh wait, yes, it all makes perfect sense. I forgot, everything is the opposite of the truth. The publisher should also make a magazine for North Korea with the likes of Rodman on the cover or one for Venezuela with a smiling Danny Glover on the cover, very hip.

    “Bienes Raices”, no jodas…

  2. Oh, this thing is not aimed at native Cubans (who have no real money and are essentially serfs). It’s for foreign suckers, I mean consumers, particularly American ones. I’ve seen it in magazine shelves here, and I’m sure it’s published here, not Cuba. It’s a classic “soft” propaganda ploy.

  3. Is that a toupee, a bad dye job, or both? He has no lips, squints badly and has incipient jowls. He couldn’t look more disreputable and mendacious if he tried. The word “camaján” comes to mind, and then some. Who would vote for such a creature, even apart from the Cuba issue? And then he goes and becomes a cover boy for this beyond-dubious rag. Sheesh. Maybe he simply doesn’t get the concept of “shame,” but I’m ashamed for him.

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