Media bias reaches new depths in reports on Castrogonian vehicle sales

one of the four motorcycles sold in Cuba over the past few months
one of the four motorcycles sold in Cuba over the past few months

Four motorcycles sold in Cuba, in addition to those fifty cars.

The shame of it!

In order to make the Castro regime look less wonderful than it really is, the news media of the so-called free world failed to report this week that a sum total of four motorcycles were sold in Cuba since the purchasing of vehicles was legalized a few months ago.

Hard to imagine, but nonetheless true: these corrupt journalists go on and on about the fifty cars sold on the island, but neglect to mention a fabulous figure in motorcycle sales — a figure that stands as absolute proof of the success of the glorious Revolution and of the great reforms set in motion by President Raul Castro.

Four motorcycles.  Imagine that.  Four.  Four!!  And this is in addition to fifty cars!  How can anyone be so blind or ill-willed as to withhold this information from the reading public?

Fortunately, the folks at Tech Times refused to play this dastardly game of hide-the-good-news.

Believe it or not, only 50 cars and four motorcycles were sold in Cuba for first half of the year. Auto dealerships didn’t sell a lot of cars according to Cuban officials because of a new law that was recently passed.

Total sales only reached $1.3 million. This is despite the law that allows citizens to buy vehicles even without a special permit. This change came after decades but unfortunately, didn’t bring a lot of sales for the automotive industry.

Main reason for the low sales is the high price of the vehicles in Cuba compared to other countries. If in the UK a Peugeout car is $53,000, the model costs about five times at $262,000 in Havana.

Another example is a Kia Rio hatchback that is listed at $42,000 in Cuba. This particular car costs only a third of that in the United States, with a $13,600 price tag. The difference between the prices is quite large Cubans couldn’t really afford a car.

More good news HERE.

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