Cuba’s Castro mafia sets its sights on the Mulas, drastic import limits coming in September

With the Obama administration’s relaxing of travel restrictions to Cuba, the mula (Spanish for mule) trade has exploded. Every day you can walk into Miami’s International Airport and see Cuban mules laden with everything from toothpaste to flat-screen televisions, which they sell for cash to a literally captive clientele on the island. This huge increase in the mule trade has not gone unnoticed by the Castro mafia. These mulas have increased their business volume several times over, but the Castro crime family is not getting its taste of the increased cash flow. Therefore, Cuba’s mafia bosses in Havana are putting an end to it.

Via Café Fuerte (my translation):

Cuban government to impose drastic customs regulations in September

paquetesIn a new round of measures designed to combat the traffic of merchandise by couriers or mules, Cuban authorities will impose drastic restrictions on the importation of items for personal use, electrical appliances, and computer equipment beginning this September

Resolution 206 of 2014, released by the General Customs Office of the Republic this June 30th, places strict limits on the importation of items for personal use, which span a variety of products in 381 categories.

According to the document obtained by Café Fuerte, the rule will become effective this coming September 1st. The Cuban government has not yet made an official announcement regarding the new regulations, which will affect all travelers to the island.

When travelers violate the new limits imposed, Customs officials will have the authority to confiscate the extra goods. And in cases that the official determines there exists “repeated attempts to import a product,” they are authorized to confiscate all their belongings.


New restrictions:

Product 2011 2014
Computer Mouse 2 1
Computer Tower 2 1
CDs 200 50
Motherboard 2 1
Canned food all types 50 20
Dairy products all types 30 10
Disposable shavers 100 20
Hair products 100 24
Soap 60 30
Panties 4 doz 2 doz
Bathing suits 10 5
Hats 40 10
Shoes – Women 30 15 (5 dress, 5 sandals, 5 sneakers)
Shoes – Men 30 15 (5 dress, 5 sandals, 5 sneakers)

Read the entire article (in Spanish) HERE.

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  1. Whatever happens, it will be to the regime’s benefit, which is always the prime directive. And no matter how outrageous and abusive the rip-off, those Cubans abroad who are pumping billions into the Castro regime’s coffers WILL cough up whatever extra money they have to, as the regime knows perfectly well.

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