Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour joined by Chinese partner


This is boring news, but important.

After sitting through the World Cup final game, Vladimir Putin met with the “president” of China and three other heads of state in Brazil, to further the cause of Russo-Chinese hegemony through a banking scheme.

What does this have to do with Castrogonia?


These two aggressive dictators –Putin and Xi Jinping–don’t play by the same rules as President Obama or the leaders of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the European Union.  They are imperialists at heart, and the conquest of weaker nations is their ultimate aim.  They may not aim to colonize the world in exactly the same way as Western Europeans did between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, but conquering and exploiting is their chief aim.  And as long as the United States continues to shrink away into irrelevance due to its current leadership, the Russians and Chinese will reap the benefit of the Great American Implosion.

The other three nations involved in this meeting — Brazil, India, and South Africa — are playing the role of useful idiots.

It may seem as if the nation formerly known as Cuba is out of the picture here, but, rest assured, Castrogonia is an important piece of the game plan for seizing all of Latrine America, even if this Reuters report fails to mention it.

Chinese “president” Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin angling for control of third world.

(Reuters) – China will dedicate itself to “perfecting” the role developing countries play in international affairs to give them better representation and a greater say, President Xi Jinping said ahead of a summit of BRICS nations in Brazil.

China has already started doing this by promoting international development banks which will either be led by China or will have a very strong Chinese role, as opposed to Western-dominated institutions like the World Bank.

Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa are due on Tuesday to sign off on a new development bank being launched by the BRICS emerging market nations.

Officials from BRICS nations have said Shanghai will likely be the headquarters, but an official involved in talks on the bank told Reuters late on Monday in Brazil there still was no agreement among the five on where the lender will be located.

China is also planning an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Bye-bye Western hegemony!!!!
Bye-bye Western hegemony!!!!

Xi, in an interview with South American media released by China’s Foreign Ministry, said China would try to better play the role of a responsible major power and promote the rights of the developing world.

“We will … dedicate ourselves to perfecting the international system of governance and proactively push for expanding the representation and right to speak for developing countries in international affairs,” he said.

“We will come up with more Chinese proposals and contribute China’s wisdom,” Xi added, without elaborating.

But China faces deep suspicion about its motives, not least from another BRICS member, India, and there have also been concerns in the group that China could hijack the new bank to serve its own interests.

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