Shark Food

We’ve all seen the mess that our government has created in the southern border.

A porous border, inadequate immigration laws and an administration that plays fast and loose with the thruth and  rule of law are a recipe for disaster.

Most of us who search for the truth have learned to rely on the alternative media for our news because the mainstream media has become the press agents for the leftover left.

So you go to Drudge a few times a day to get your fair share of the news and you come across:



And you read.

And you’re shocked at the inhumanity.

And the words bounce off the empty part of your soul where your country used to be.

And you think…

… my brothers, my family, my flesh and blood have been shark food since 1961. Everyday

… and you never saw a headline…

3 thoughts on “Shark Food”

  1. “…my brothers, my family, my flesh and blood have been shark food since 1961. everyday…and you never saw a headline.”


  2. Non-Castroite Cubans are merely “those people,” who instead of being content with “free” health care and education aspire to be both free and independent, as opposed to liberal plantation dwellers or clients. It’s not just that those who largely control the media don’t care about “those people,” but that they actively resent and dislike them. Such Cubans will never get treated like “correct” victims of oppression and injustice, not even if they’re blacker than Mandela or more high-minded than Gandhi. We should have faced up to the game being rigged ages ago AND acted accordingly, but there have always been too many Cubans who’ve not only failed to be part of the solution but have been part of the problem. In other words, given how badly the odds have been stacked against us, we could ill afford the kind of RELAJO that has long held sway and keeps escalating. Unfortunately, one can’t get freedom for nothing.

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