Putin Robbed Blind by Castros


We’re not accustomed to seeing Mr. Macho-Cool Vladimir Putin made an international jackass. But many Cuba-watchers snickered as the hapless Russian President met with the Castro brothers last week and “wrote off” their $32 billion debt to the Soviet Union.

“That old thing? I never liked it anyway,” Cuba-watchers easily imagine Putin hissing through gritted teeth. “We will provide support to our Cuban friends to overcome the illegal blockade of Cuba,” is what Putin actually hissed for the record.

Vladimir Putin rose to the rank of Lieut. Col. in an organization that tortured and murdered at roughly TWICE the rate of the Nazi SS. So his offense at the “illegal” U.S. Embargo of a KGB-founded, terror-sponsoring regime should provoke only chortling and snorting. Instead, it’s probably causing a fit of the vapors at the State Dept. and in faculty lounges nationwide.

Putin’s fleecing by the Castro brothers provides more proof (as if we actually needed any) that rarely in modern history has any item of U.S. foreign policy triumphed as patently (or hilariously) as the so-called U.S. embargo of Castro’s Stalinist kleptocracy. Here’s a glittering gem amidst the rubble of so much recent U.S. foreign policy.

This “embargo” has kept the gloriously unfleeced U.S. taxpayer snickering in the audience, much as we snickered at Oliver Douglas’ dealings with Mr. Haney or Steven Spielberg and Larry King’s with Bernie Madoff.


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2 thoughts on “Putin Robbed Blind by Castros”

  1. Obviously, even though both parties knew that Russia was “forgiving” a debt that was dead anyway, Putin certainly expects something for his “generosity,” such as enhanced capacity to spy on the US via Cuba and other advantages of effectively using Cuba as a Russian base of operations. In other words, Putin wants Cuba to be a Russian outpost, not to say satellite, once again, for geopolitical purposes. Castro, Inc. will be glad to oblige, though it will expect to be paid somehow, once again, for its cooperation. Washington, meanwhile, is apparently out to lunch, as it has been so often for so long regarding Cuba.

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