Release the Kraken!: Chinese dictator shadows Putin across Latrine America


Never let it be said that China’s dictator Xi Jinping is a slacker.

He’s going everywhere Czar Vladimir Putin went last week, tracing his footsteps, stirring the pot of self-destructive Latrine idiocy and anti-Americanism.

Xi is now in Castrogonia, probably striking a deal for Chinese spying facilities to rival those just re-activated by Czar Vladimir Putin.

And — not to be outdone by Czar Vladimir — Xi is also forgiving Castrogonia’s colossal debt.  It’s being called a “rescheduling” rather than a “forgiving” of debt, but that makes little difference.  Anyone who has dealt with the Castro dynasty knows all too well that they love “rescheduling” because they have their own concept of “mañana” and  no intention of paying what they owe, not now, not ever.

In the meantime, as Xi prepares to meet with the King Emeritus Fidel and the King De Facto Raul of Castrogonia, steel yourself for all forthcoming photographs from this fabulous Soirée of the Titans.

Release the Kraken!

Estoy listo pa' bailar, Xi, Xi, Xi, chinito mio, aaaasiiii, aaaasiii, aaaaasiiiii !!!!!!
Estoy listo pa’ bailar, Xi, Xi, Xi, chinito mio, aaaasiiii, aaaasiii, aaaaasiiiii !!!!!!

From The Gulf Times (Persian Gulf, not Gulf of Mexico):

Xi seeks economic ties withVenezuela, Cuba

  Chinese President Xi Jinping begins a two-day visit to Cuba yesterday evening, stirring hopes on the island that China will finally invest in the country after a number of important deals never materialised.

Xi is to meet with President Raul Castro today and then fly to Santiago de Cuba to see plans to improve port facilities and recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy, which devastated Cuba’s second city almost two years ago.

Xi was in Brazil last week for a summit of the Brics nations, which also includes Russia, India and South Africa. He then travelled to Argentina and Venezuela, signing a raft of multi-billion dollar credit and investment agreements, before stopping in Cuba on his way home.

Communist-run China and Cuba are close political allies. Generous trade credits have made China the island’s largest creditor and second biggest trade partner after Venezuela at $1.4bn last year.

China has rescheduled Cuba’s government and commercial debt, believed to top $6bn. But large investment agreements for the nickel industry, signed in 2000, another in hotels, and a deal to expand an oil refinery agreed five years ago, have not materialised. Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived on Sunday in Venezuela, the third leg of a Latin American tour aimed at bolstering trade with the region and sealing energy deals.

The Chinese leader’s charm offensive, which has already taken him to Brazil and Argentina and will next bring him to Cuba, seeks to secure new bilateral trade deals, particularly for coveted raw materials.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro greeted Xi as he landed at the Maiquetia airport that serves Caracas, with dozens of dancers and musicians performing traditional musical pieces.

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  1. Castro, Inc. is a parasite and a whore, but alas, such creatures haven’t been around forever for nothing.

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