Chinese dictator strikes deals with Cuban dictator

Fidel: “Ñoooo... pero mira que dificil es meterle la mano en el bolsillo a este chino....”
Fidel: “Ñoooo… pero mira que dificil es meterle la mano en el bolsillo a este billonario chino….” (Damn, it’s so hard to pick this Chinese billionaire’s pockets!)

Xi’s own Latrine-Palooza takes him to Castrogonia

Well, here it is at last: a flurry of official reports and staged photos to document the visit of Chinese dictator Xi to the nation formerly known as Cuba.

The incredible shrinking dictator, Fidel Castro, welcomed Xi at his palatial villa just outside Havana.  One Cuban exile emailed me this comment, which deserves some kind of prize for its Spanish prose style (no English translation can really do it justice):

“observen el nuevo tamaño de la Bestia, agarrandose del chino Xi, quién en realidad no es tan alto, y la cara de escarabajo suplicante con la que mira al Mandarin. Un verdadero festín para los ojos de quienes sabemos cuanta maldad ha salido de tan despreciable engendro.”

translation: “Notice the new size of The Beast, as he clings to the Chinese Xi, who isn’t really all that tall, and notice the way in which he looks at the Mandarin with the face of a pleading scarab.  This is a veritable feast for the eyes, for those of us who know how much evil has flowed forth from this despicable monster.”


But the visit to Fidel was cosmetic, or– as is now in fashion, a question of “optics.” Multi-billionaire dictator Xi was really there to visit the de facto King of Castrogonia, not his quasi-mummified brother.  Of course, Raul could not control his impulse to bark orders at the photographers, even as the cameras clicked.

Raul: "Oye... no dejes que este chino se vaya sin perdonarnos la deuda, carajo...."
Raul: “Oye… no dejes que este chino tramposo vuelva a su pais antes de que nos perdone las deudas, carajo….”  (Hey, don’t let this Chinese swindler go home before he forgives our debt, damn it….)

From the BBC’s expert journalists, who once again display their unique talent in devising understated and very tasteful euphemisms for leftist dictators

Chinese media emphasize Cuba ties

State-run Xinhua news agency reports that Mr Xi visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro at his residence on Tuesday.

“The two exchanged views on bilateral ties, international affairs and other issues of common concern in an intimate and friendly atmosphere,” says the report.

The Beijing Times notes that besides “visiting old friends”, Mr Xi also discussed economic co-operation with his counterpart Raul Castro in areas including trade, agriculture, biotechnology and education.

The China Central Television adds that Mr Xi’s trip to Cuba is “more about business than politics” as China is seeking to expand investment in the country.

Zhang Tuo, China’s ambassador to Cuba, tells the CCTV that the Mr Xi’s visit will “open a new phase in bilateral ties”.

“Cuba paid great importance to President Xi’s visit with an unprecedented reception. Both China and Cuba are expecting Mr Xi’s visit to translate the two countries’ good political relations into fruitful achievements in various fields,” he says.

The Global Times’ Chinese edition says Cubans are “hoping that China will help the country to lift the US economic embargo”, which was imposed in the 1960s against the Cuban Communist regime.

A Xinhua commentary urges the US to “rethink its Cuba policy”. Calling for Washington to lift its sanctions, the article points out that China has been a “rising key foreign investor in Cuba” and has granted economic assistance to the country.

“Instead of being an obstacle on Cuba’s path of development, the United States should join China and other countries to become Cuba’s constructive partner,” it says.

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5 thoughts on “Chinese dictator strikes deals with Cuban dictator”

  1. Gee, I wonder what those red stains on Nosferatu’s hand could be. Take a guess. Somehow, Lady Macbeth comes to mind: “Out, damned spot! out, I say!…What, will these hands never be clean?…Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand…” But don’t mind me. You know how “those people” are always seeing things.

  2. Raul, always being the obnoxious and detestable degenerate he is. If it wasn’t so obvious before it’s because his brother always kept him on the sidelines, not that his behavior mattered any more than all his blatant lies and crimes. Yet, the journalists, I should say propagandists, always laugh at the criminal’s “jokes”, gladly validating him as the respectable figure he is not (now he wears suits to do his part). It seems that thieves, murderers, kidnappers, and slave-masters are never as charming and funny as when they hold power, that’s humanity.

    The irony is that in the eyes of Russia and China, Castrolandia is as outdated as an 8-track. They know the Castros are economically inept shitheads. Neither of these two nations, despite being in the hands of former communists, have any desire to go back to Castro’s soviet model, none, and they, better than anyone, are fully aware that the Castro’s are full of shit.

    Yet, what has Castro ever been for Cuba if not a pimp of the worst kind. This is about what they (China and Russia) can get out of Cuba’s misfortune, it’s about how they can exploit it at the hands of these miserable and unpardonable termites (given its resources and location). Neither China nor Russia could care less about the future of Cuba or the development of its people.

    The Castro’s may be on their way out but the collapse of the system is yet to be seen, sadly. They are investing in Castrolandia because USA has made it more than obvious by now that they have no intent in pressuring for a collapse of communism in Cuba. You know, the way USA intervened in Cuban affairs to pressure their ally Batista to leave power for the benefit of Castro. More so, when one takes into account the way they killed Trujillo or the way they deposed Noriega in a weekend.

    That said, Cuba’s seemingly sad future has, ironically, not been cemented by Russia or China but by Canada, Europe, USA, and Latrine America who after the fall of the USSR made sure that Castro’s Stalinist tyranny continued as post-soviet profit machine.

  3. The beast was never big, important or formidable himself, but made that way by the smallness and weakness of the Cuban people, or too many of them, who turned out to be bastante poca cosa.

  4. Asombra:
    “The beast was never big, important or formidable himself, but made that way by the smallness and weakness of the Cuban people, or too many of them, who turned out to be bast ante pica cosa.”

    That’s absolutely true. In fact, I would go further and say that we incubated, nurtured and gave birth to the beast. Outside of Latrine America, Africa and the Middle East that histrionic, insane piece of shit would have been put in an insane asylum, in Cuba he was entrusted with the well-being of the country and we give him the presidency on a silver platter. The sad thing is that after 55 years of tyranny, Cubans continue to help him, because they are driven by their egos and greed and not by love of the country. Just look at Alfie Fanjul, the Estefan’s, Cejas, and that bastard {I forget his name} that finances Puentes de Jovenes Cubanos, all of those Cuban academicians and the Cubanoids that run to Cuba to enjoy Varadero after being here just one year.

  5. In any self-respecting country such megalomaniacal piece of shit would not have been put in an insane asylum but rather in a casket seven feet underground.

    This was a man who, before taking power, had already been responsible for attacking a military base, kidnapping, murderous gang activity, bombing multiple stores, etc.

    More so, the spoiled brat ALWAYS looked like a lunatic, especially when he spoke and listened. He was always a utilitarian megalomaniac. One needs to be an imbecile to not see it.

    Even as a kid, the little boarding school bastard pretended to be a poor kid when he wrote President Roosevelt a stupid letter asking him for money.

    That said, it is irrelevant how many pretty promises the opportunistic thug made or how Batista robbed his run for a second term, Cubans really had no excuse for propping such fraudulent, criminal, and vile trash into power and expect anything other than satisfying their stupid and myopic tantrum.

    Batista was not ruining and destroying Cuba (all the contrary) as to justify such chaotic instability over the republic. Had Batista been half the son of a bitch the communists paint him out to be (to justify the unjustifiable, their rule) this freak show a la “Lord of the Flies” would have never developed.

    Yet, as I have said before, the ones that really gave Castro the presidency on a silver platter were the Americans. Let’s not forget why the top spheres of Cuba’s pro-American government truly left Cuba in 1959. It wasn’t because they feared bum Che. Hell, Batista was not even allowed to enter USA. So much for trustworthiness.

    Let’s be realistic, four improvised thugs with fake military uniforms don’t really scare away militaries unless they have the CIA behind them. That’s why all other copy cat attempts across Latrine America failed.

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