Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: The ‘4’ that matters

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles:

The “4” that matters
This is made from granite that you paid for

The official press in Venezuela is full of details on the state visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. As part of his Caracas tour, agreements will be signed, swords will be passed around, sashes will be worn, tombs will be visited, oil will be traded, and a full-blown one-directional slobber-fest will take place. But the only thing, the only number that matters … is a “4.”

No, not the “4? in the sign above Chávez’s tomb. Rather, it’s the $4 billion China has allegedly pledged to contribute to the China-Venezuela fund.

With parliamentary elections coming next year and the economy increasingly under stress, the Venezuelan state needs fresh funds. Thankfully, the Chinese are here ready to provide it, presumably in exchange for future shipments of oil they will surely get with a heavy discount off the market price.

Few details will emerge, but really, that is all this visit is about.

3 thoughts on “Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: The ‘4’ that matters”

  1. Those guard costumes, er, uniforms keep getting tackier, but the hats are a hoot. Of course, they have to be RED. Heaven forbid these people ever use discretion or subtlety. After all, Latrine does as Latrine is.

  2. The uniforms remind of my high school marching band uniforms back in the day. Students picked one from the collection that was closet to their size, sometimes too big, sometimes too small. Note the tight trousers; at least ours were well made of quality all season wool fabric meant to last. These are cheap imitation uniforms for imitation guards in an imitation government. Dear God, when will it end?

  3. This toy-soldier uniform shit is beyond cheesy, and I mean processed cheese. These people make a huge fuss about rejecting European colonialism blah blah blah, yet they ape 19th century European military attire, and do it badly to boot. The whole thing looks cheap and vulgar, because it’s patently fake, amateurish and pretentious. Chavistas really shouldn’t talk about class warfare, because they have no class to fight with. What a bunch of brutish, crude clowns.

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