Ailing Cuban sociopath condemns Israel again…. and the press pays attention to his ravings again


The real news in this story is that anyone still pays attention to this disintegrating monster.

Why does anyone take him seriously?  Why did anyone ever take him seriously?

Why does any publication refer to him as “leader” rather than “dictator” , “tyrant” , “sociopath” or “megalomaniac”?

Perhaps Granma will start reporting his burps, too, and news outlets around the world will pass on the information as if it really matters.


From JTA Global News Source

Fidel Castro rails against ‘Palestinian Holocaust’ in Gaza

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro described Israel’s offensive in Gaza as a “new, repugnant form of fascism.”

Castro made his comments in a column published Tuesday in Granma, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, and titled “Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza. ”

“Why does the government of this country (Israel) think that the world will be impervious to this macabre genocide that is being committed today against the Palestinian people?” Castro wrote.

Castro, 87, ruled Cuba from 1959 until 2006, when he handed over power to his brother Raul. Cuba broke diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973 after the Yom Kippur War.

In a more conciliatory moment, in 2010, Castro told Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg that Israel “without a doubt” has a right to exist.

In that interview Castro, according to Goldberg, expressed “great sympathy for persecuted Jews throughout history” and expressed admiration for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Ben-Zion, who Goldberg described as “the world’s foremost historian of the Spanish Inquisition and a hard-line Likudnik.”



8 thoughts on “Ailing Cuban sociopath condemns Israel again…. and the press pays attention to his ravings again”

  1. WHY did anyone EVER take him seriously? Indeed, starting with the Cuban people. But if it’s any comfort to you, Carlos, nobody really takes him seriously now (except, of course, morons). The usual suspects, though, are still playing the same old game, which they probably can’t imagine stopping, let alone admitting they were ever wrong. They’ve persisted in their perversity for so long that they’re practically petrified in it, kind of like someone with a frozen smile which can’t be dropped without the whole face cracking and breaking down into little pieces. I think it sounds better in Latin: perversitas petrificata.

  2. Nice photos, haven’t seen the old man look this good in ages. What they do? Work on his face? Give him a botox tune-up? He looks good, as if the inner creature is at last starting to show thru, like that Dorian Grey guy.

    Figures the rats in the marxstream media would lap up his words like flies to shxx and demand more. They’re like that. It’s why they’re dying along with their love idol.

  3. If Castro really believes Israel has a right to exist, why did he send hundreds of Cuban soldiers to Syria in 1973 and joined the attack on Israel?

    The old bugger is lying again and it’s a shame Goldberg accepted his lies at face value.

  4. The worst and most shameful part of this latest chapter in Fidel’s circus act is the fact that his mother’s father was Jewish, and that he was circumcised as an infant, and was called “el Judio” until he was baptized at age 12 or 13. This is public knowledge, not some dark secret. Yet no one dares to point it out. Perversitas petrificata to the maximum.

  5. I think the only reason someone like Goldberg would “believe” Fidel on Israel (assuming he’s not so gullible as to be borderline retarded) is that “believing” such a known and extremely well-documented liar suited his agenda–and I think said agenda is exceedingly unbecoming for a Jew, even a secular one.

  6. Fidel has lots of company. Dustin Hoffman and a whole host of Hollywood idiots, oops, I mean liberals, Jimmy Carter, and if he were alive, Nelson Mandella, no doubt.

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