Museum enshrines the history of Cuba according to “The Godfather II”



No other work of fiction has done more to educate the world about Cuban history than Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather II.”

Now, at last, someone in Las Vegas has paid the proper tribute to Coppola’s visionary historiography.

At last, everyone who visits Las Vegas will see concrete proof that pre-Castro Cuba was a sinkhole of corruption and vice governed by American mobsters.

At last, everyone will be able to understand that “MANY” of the Cubans who fled the Castro regime were casino workers.  As we all know, pre-Castro Cuba was dotted with casinos from one end of the island to the other, and those casinos employed hundreds of thousands of Cubans.

Also, everyone will be able to celebrate the greatness of Hispanic/ Latino culture! (pronounced Hiss-panic/ Lateeeeeen-oh).

The burning question on everyone’s mind as they walk through the door: “Where’s the display on the Superman act?”

My question: “Who the hell is in charge of the Cuban Heritage Foundation in Las Vegas, and why did they cooperate with this museum?”


From Las Vegas Review Journal:

Mob Museum celebrating Cuba’s impact on Las Vegas

Mob history buffs have heard of crime boss Charles “Lucky” Luciano — argued to be one of the founders of the mafia — but what about Santo Trasicont Jr.?

While most people are familiar with the role organized crime played in the casino industry in Las Vegas, the connections between the mafia here and in Cuba are often overlooked.

The Mob Museum is hoping to bring those connections to light.

“The Mob Museum tells the story of organized crime,” says Geoff Schumacher, director of content development for the museum. “We are looking to educate the public.”

Through a collection of artifacts and stories, the Mob Museum tells the history of organized crime and law enforcement. It doesn’t just focus on Las Vegas, but its impact on everywhere else, too.

Adding to its mission, the museum is hosting its Hot Havana Nights from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday. The event, which costs $40, celebrates Cuban heritage through cuisine, art, music and dancing.

“The party is a combination of education but also celebration,” Schumacher says….

… To put on the event, The Mob Museum has partnered with the Latin Chamber of Commerce and the Cuban Heritage Foundation.

According to Maria Caminero, the CEO with the Cuban Heritage Foundation, the organization has sponsored many events to celebrate Hispanic culture in general, let alone the Cuban aspects.

She said with more than 2,500 Cubans in Las Vegas, it is necessary to preserve and honor the culture.

In the mass exodus of Cubans who left the country, many were casino workers who found their way to Las Vegas to assume the same roles here.

“They’re all from different generations,” she says. “The majority have arrived within the last 10 years.”

Caminero says this event is also important because it highlights a forgotten aspect of history.

Unfortunately, Caminero says, the generation who arrived from Cuba right after Castro closed the casinos is long gone from Las Vegas.

“The last one died a couple years ago,” she says. “He was a dealer.”

However, she adds she was able to develop relationships with some of the people who arrived from Cuba in the ’50s and ’60s. Those workers had a unique perspective to see how the mob ran the casino industry in Cuba and then Las Vegas versus how corporations currently run the industry.

Aside from giving a snapshot of history, the event also helps cater to Las Vegas Hispanic culture — Clark County is 30 percent Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

“We have a very diverse audience who come to the museum,” Schumacher says.

He adds that the museum should be inclusive and keep them in mind when talking about mob history.

Schumacher says the museum plans to further accommodate other cultures by adding a Spanish language version of the website.

Continue reading HERE….It’s worth reading every single word of this fascinating article.


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  1. Prof. Eire, you took the words straight out of my mouth! Who is in charge of the Cuban Heritage Foundation and why would they cooperate with this horrible exhibit? Is this the way that we want to be remembered? Is the Cuban Heritage Foundation in Las Vegas a regime front, something akin to Cassandra Levinson’s Cuban Studies Center in NYC??? How Horrible!

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