Uruguay’s President Mujica: Avatar of all things Latrine


If you want to know why so many countries in Ibero-America deserve to be called Latrine American rather than Latin American, read this article below.

The article tries to explain why one of the vilest of the Castro idolaters in Latrine America has become a “cult figure.”

The title of the article tries to evoke a comparison with Thomas Jefferson (“The sage of Monticello”).

It would have been much more appropriate to entitle it “The cretin of Montevideo.”

As you read, ask yourself: what kind of treatment would any head of state receive from the press if  his/her office walls were festooned with photographs of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering?  Or if this head of state proudly posed for photos with top Nazis?



From The Economist:

The sage of Montevideo

José Mujica, guerrilla turned president, is Latin America’s most original leader

Uruguay, a small country wedged between Brazil and Argentina, has never been much given to ostentation. But in a world of political junketing and of bland, focus-grouped equivocation, Mr Mujica’s simple lifestyle and penchant for speaking his mind have turned him into a cult figure abroad.

Another ingredient in the mystique is his extraordinary personal history. In the 1960s he was a leader of the Tupamaros, an urban guerrilla movement. He was wounded by six bullets when he and three comrades engaged in a firefight with police who had found them in a bar. He twice escaped from custody, only to be recaptured. Of his 14 years’ imprisonment, ten were in solitary confinement, two at the bottom of a well with only ants and rats for company.


“A lot of what came afterwards was the fruit of how much I thought, thought and rewound,” he says. “I wouldn’t have developed the political persona that I have if I hadn’t lived such tough years.” That political persona is more complex than it looks. Contrary to leftist myth, Mr Mujica did not fight a dictatorship. The Tupamaros bombed, kidnapped and murdered in a bid to turn democratic Uruguay into a version of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. They succeeded only in helping to precipitate a right-wing military takeover (after Mr Mujica was jailed).

It is troubling that he has never apologised for his past efforts to subvert democracy and the rule of law. In his study he keeps a photo of Mr Castro and a plaque of Che Guevara. But most Uruguayans seem to think he suffered punishment enough for his transgressions. Asked to define his politics today, he avoids labels but says that “my heart is libertarian” and, echoing Guevara, that he dislikes “the exploitation of man by man”.

Read the whole piece HERE.

...and this is the image of the vile dictator-loving cretin chosen by The Economist chose to use
…and this is the wholesome image of the vile dictator-loving cretin that The Economist chose to use, in place of those above

4 thoughts on “Uruguay’s President Mujica: Avatar of all things Latrine”

  1. Carlos, the media, for the most part, is as hopeless as most Latrines. The proportion of actual cluelessness vs. willful blindness varies, but the end result is the same. Left-wing figures, however monstrous, always get a special dispensation, just like liberal politicians.

    This painfully gauche old fart is a disgrace to anyone who’d vote for him, but Latrines have an exceedingly tenuous grasp of what qualifies as disgraceful, or they simply don’t care. At best, it’s all “magical realism,” a fancy name for evidently incorrigible dysfunction. If Mujica seriously cared about democracy, he wouldn’t revere totalitarian icons. In other words, as Latrine implies, he’s full of shit.

    As for not apologizing for his past, why would he, when he can still get such favorable press? Sheesh.

  2. Even if they didn’t deserve to be called Latrines, they still wouldn’t deserve to be called Latins. That was a 19th century invention of French origin, when France aspired to become a major player in the region. French ambitions failed, but the contrived name stuck. Evo Morales is Latin like I’m a Martian.

  3. He is the typical fanatic and lie echoing imbecile who is nothing but a disposable tool, a joke and a waste of time, at best. As for Castro, he worships no one and he creates the “saints” with which he manipulates the cretins, the cult-leader knows better. Mujica is an example of the useful cretins and romantic imbeciles who the very USSR used and then eliminated withing a week of implanting communism.

    Mujica is a tool of propaganda, an imbecile, who would never be able to canalize a communist reality past its subversive/propaganda stage. Cuba saw many of these useful imbeciles either committing suicide or rotting in gulags. One of them was non other than Salvador Allende’s own exiled daughter, Beatriz Allende, who after living in Castrolandia for four years as “executive secretary of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee” committed suicide.

    The Uruguayan population on the other hand is the perfect example of stupidity mixed with pretension. They think they are very enlightened and progressive by electing such mockable trash (we don’t need to look outside this country to see the same imbecility, sadly).

    That said, Uruguay lost it’s way decades ago and as much as it may want to boast of being a tranquil place with an educated euro-population, its golden days are long gone. Montevideo’s rampant decrepitude and palpable stagnation serves as proof that the nation has been decaying and stagnant for decades. There are sectors of Montevideo that resemble Havana in abandonment and economic stagnation (often doubling as Havana in films), needlessly so as a capitalist state. Uruguay may look good and very European next to Colombia or Bolivia but next to any European nation Uruguay is nothing but Latrine. Hell, next to Chile…

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