Recent National Medal of Arts Winner (and Democrat) Linda Ronstadt Denounces Miami Cubans as “Closed-Minded Propagandists!”


“There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration. People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No one’s illegal. They should just be able to come. We allow Cubans to come in and say that they’re refugees. Well, in Cuba — I’ve been there, you know — people are fed, people are housed, people are clothed. There isn’t violence in the have this Mexican-American thing which is this third culture, which I like to call Aztlán…and that’s kind of where I’ve found myself for the last 20 years. It’s an Aztec word; it means northern…So I think of myself as a girl from the Sonoran Desert, and my culture is the culture of Aztlán.”

(Linda Ronstadt Aug. 2014)

Linda Ronstadt with then boyfriend Jerry Brown and pinko-rockers (but I repeat myself) The Eagles and Jackson Browne.

Cuba is an amazing country. I’ve been all over Latin America. And it’s the only Latin American country I’ve been in that didn’t have armed troops on the street, there weren’t homeless people everywhere, and kids had school uniforms and had schoolbooks paid for and had their health paid for. There’s things going on in Cuba that we don’t know about, and that’s mainly because of the Miami Cubans, they just absolutely won’t – they are absolutely closed-minded. They hate Fidel Castro, they won’t even hear about some of the good things he’s done, and they don’t want anyone else to know about it, either. It’s a total propaganda device and they’ve blanketed this country with propaganda about Cuba, huge amounts of which are untrue.”

(Linda Ronstadt Sept. 2003)


5 thoughts on “Recent National Medal of Arts Winner (and Democrat) Linda Ronstadt Denounces Miami Cubans as “Closed-Minded Propagandists!””

  1. Hey, Linda, stop picking on Cubans. We are not the only ones who are closed-minded. What about the Jews, Poles, French, Czechs, Slovaks, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Bosnians, Albanians, Gypsies, Ukranians, and Russians, and all peoples ruled at one time by the Nazis who are also extremely closed-minded about the achievements of the Third Reich and its glorious leaders? All the manufacturing jobs, all the free health care, all the of great the German cultural treasures brought to these other nations by the Nazis. How can anyone deny their great achievements in science? And what about the Volkswagen? Such nice uniforms on their soldiers, sailors, and pilots, too. Such great fashion sense. And…wherever the Nazis went, crime disappeared, just as you saw in Cuba. And what about the African-Americans who are closed-minded about the great chance for cultural and technological enrichment given to them by the slave-owners who brought their ancestors to North America? Seems to me there are way too many ungrateful, closed-minded people who refuse to recognize great achievements when they see them. Sheeeeesh!

  2. Ah, another expert on “Latin” America in general and Cuba in particular, who naturally knows far better than “those people” and isn’t shy about asserting her superior knowledge, not to mention her moral superiority. And yes, she sounds totally “Aztlán,” bless her heart. Lord deliver us from the fatuously arrogant. I mean, it’s bad enough to be a comemierda, but being hissy about it is really pushing it. And btw, she hasn’t aged well; she looks like a dumpy, dowdy matron (though I suppose one should give her credit for not going the Cher route). But hey, she’s still ditzy after all these years. Jerry Brown was perfect for her; I expect he still is.

  3. I really have to blow off this sort of garbage from somebody like Ronstadt because, if I took it more to heart, I’d get seriously angry, and she’s not even remotely worth such wear and tear on my psyche. It’s not so much the painful ignorance and tediously trite regurgitation of the standard leftist-celebrity script; it’s the blind arrogance, the aggressive stupidity, the absolutely astonishing presumptuousness of these people. “Well, in Cuba–I’ve been there, you know…” Lord, the hubris! And we’re not even talking academics or seasoned diplomats or big-name intellectuals here, but entertainment-world cretins who’ve somehow come to believe that, yes, they’re Special People with Special Insight, and not only entitled but practically obligated to enlighten lesser beings. It’s ultimately a manifestation of pathetically delusional egotism, no doubt encouraged and enabled by the legions of mindless, besotted celebrity followers, but honestly, you’d think the cretins would grow up and get a clue sometime, at least once their moment was past (as Ronstadt’s surely is and has been for a good while). But then again, maybe they feel compelled to be especially “correct” once they’re old news, lest they be totally ignored by the media as not only has-beens but old cranks. Not a pretty picture, that’s for sure.

  4. Well, she’s badmouthing Cubans, its not as if she’s badmouthing a legitimate “minority,” and besides, she might even get browning points for doing so [Juanes, anyone?]. In fact, if you want to sound progressive, especially if your career is waning and you need that extra umph, take up a social cause like the so called, “dreamers” and attack those horrible people. Its almost mandatory nowadays.

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