Moringapalooza Cretin Summit 2014: Caracastan’s Maduro visits his master Nosferatu in Havana



It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Nicolas Maduro paid a visit to Fidel Castro in Havana yesterday, to wish him a happy 88th birthday.

The puppet ruler of Castrogonia’s oil-rich colony of Caracastan proved himself as fawning a sycophant as the world has ever seen.

Maduro gushed to reporters about the “energy,” “vigor,” and “clear thinking” of the murderous sociopath who ruined the nation formerly known as Cuba and ensured its aggressive takeover of  Venezuela.

“His voice was clear,” said Maduro, who claimed that he and his idol had spent more than six hours together, chatting and walking in the Moringa gardens where Fidel Castro still carries out “deep research” and  agricultural experiments.

Locura de Moringa (Moringa madness)
Locura de Moringa (Moringa madness)

For more than an hour Fidel Castro blasted Maduro’s ever-attentive ears with talk of the “agricultural revolution” and the “new methods” of farming necessary for the betterment of the human race.

At one point in their perambulation, the gregarious pair crossed paths with some women who were toiling in the Moringa gardens, and the elder statesman Fidel scared the hell out of them with a vigorous inquisitorial interrogation.

Nicolas Maduro was highly amused by the encounter.

“We laughed a lot because he [Fidel] is such a great jokester,” quipped the Venenozuelan puppet.

The two tyrannous wags also spent considerable time discussing  “”Israelite-Yanqui genocide,” sharing their anti-Semitic sentiments, and expressing their deep longing for the annihilation of the state of Israel and all Jews.

(One must surmise that Fidel might have felt a twinge of regret over the possibility of  losing all those visitors from American and European synagogues who come to Castrogonia laden with gifts for that tiny remnant of their brethren–most of whom are die-hard communists — still dwelling in his slave plantation).


Maduro capped off his visit by giving Fidel Castro one of the track suits worn by the Venenozuelan Olympic team.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!   I don’t think I’m going to get any sleep tonight.

Count Floyd could never come up with something this Scaaaary for his 3-D Monster Chiller Horror Theater! Aaaaw0000000000000!


For a detailed account in the colonialist Castellano dialect from ABC Spain go HERE.    For a truncated pro-genocidal imperialist Israelite-Yanqui-Limey English language version of the story go HERE.


5 thoughts on “Moringapalooza Cretin Summit 2014: Caracastan’s Maduro visits his master Nosferatu in Havana”

  1. Nosferatu looks over a 100, meaning he looks like shit (I’ve seen many people his age in much better shape). Maduro, of course, is still a moron, but that’s why he got the job. And the ghastly “artwork” in the background is a perfect stand-in for the even ghastlier Dalia, who must be cackling nearby. But yes, Fidel’s a great joker; that’s why the Cuban people have been laughing their heads off for over half a century. Lord have mercy.

  2. Oh, and Carlos, don’t hate Maduro because he’s a stupid nothing dancing with those who brung ‘im. It’s only logical.

  3. The worst thing about these photo-ops of fifo with foreign dignitaries is that they are supposed to show that the mummy-in-command is still competent and lucid, but you know that he is far from it and he is undoubtedly incoherently babbling nonsense. But of course, the mainstream media publishes these photographs without ever questioning the obvious.

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