Candid Camera: Cuban “migrants” fall prey to Castro’s coast guard


“A las buenas o a las malas van a regresar a tierra”  (Willingly 0r not, you’re all returning to dry land!)

So shouts a Castronoid coast guard official at a vessel full of his fellow countrymen who are trying to escape their island prison.

This incident was caught on camera from a third vessel –probably another coast guard boat — and somehow ended up on the internet, for the whole world to see.

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Caught on Film: Cuban Coast Guard Repressing Rafters

The following video shows images of a small vessel (with a wooden cross on the tip), full of Cubans seeking to flee the island, being intercepted by the Castro regime’s Coast Guard.

You can see how they are threatened with heavy weapons, (literally) roped like cattle and forcefully removed from the vessel.

The video is in Spanish.

Click HERE to watch.  Go HERE for a more detailed report in the hegemonic castellano dialect.