Crist Cuba circus back in spotlight



If this one is true, it’s proof positive that traveling to Castrogonia has become as chic as owning your own yacht, or having a major arena named after you.

True or not, the fact remains that Crist would have loved to visit Castrogonia with a rat pack of wealthy donors, and that some of those donors were itching to do it too.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Mr. Straz and Mr. Crist

Did Charlie Crist tick off a major donor over Cuba?

The Charlie Crist campaign back in April summoned Tampa Bay reporters to the Straz Center for the Performing Arts to hear “important news” from Crist. Reporters and local dignitaries and Democratic activists turned out, and eventually Crist strolled up accompanied by David Straz, one of Tampa Bay’s leading businessmen and philanthropists, who endorsed Crist and vowed “to support him in a big way.”

Nearly six months later, Straz has not given a penny to the Crist campaign and has been invisible on the campaign trail. The chatter was that Straz had planned to join Crist on a trip to Cuba and was livid when Crist suddenly backed out of it with little explanation.

“I was disappointed about that,” but there has been no falling out, Straz told the Buzz.

He and Crist keep in touch, he said, but Straz has been in Wisconsin for the summer and not closely involved in the campaign.

And no campaign contribution? “I just haven’t gotten around to it,” Straz said.


2 thoughts on “Crist Cuba circus back in spotlight”

  1. Well, if politicians, even turncoat and ultra-slimy ones, start worrying about offending “those people,” they’re obviously not proper Dem material. I mean, what’s the world coming to when you can’t stick it to those uppity Cuban-Americans? Tampa is SO sickening–seriously.

  2. Crist looks anorexic, which does not go well with his excruciatingly overgroomed exterior. We’re talking utterly plastic politician, even beyond the usual. Ugh.

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