Venezuelan journalist exposes darkest truths about the Cubanization of her country

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«En Venezuela gobierna una neotiranía militar encabezada por los hermanos Castro»

(Venezuela is governed by a military neo-tyranny headed by the Castro brothers)

This is the devastating summary judgment voiced by Eleonora Bruzual, a Venezuelan journalist, who was just interviewed by Spain’s ABC, one of the few publications on earth that dares to expose the dark truth about Venezuela’s steep downward slide.

Some highlights of this interview:

Q.: What is Venezuela going through right now?
A: “It’s a dramatic situation, which I define as a great tragedy. To explain it, I could use the fable of the boiled frog, which psychologists love so much. You put a frog in a pot of water and raise the temperature little by little, and the frog doesn’t notice that it’s burning up until it’s too late for it to jump out of the pot, for at that moment it is already being boiled alive and is incapable of doing anything. This is how I can best illustrate what is happening in Venezuela. What you see there is a great resignation and apathy. People have become used to allowing things to happen that assault their dignity. The mere fact of having to stand in long lines to buy food, and on top of that, to not be able to buy as much as you need, proves that apathy reigns. The government has gradually annihilated freedom and the people’s ability to improve their lives.”


Q.: What do you think about the Chavista governor who recently proclaimed that “making Venezuelans poorer will make them more faithful to the Bolivarian Revolution”?
A: “He is not the first to utter such a barbarity. Chavez used to say that to be rich was to be evil. And the current Minister of Education openly affirmed that the Venezuelan people should not be educated so they don’t turn bourgeois. Those who rule the country send out distorted messages that make the lower classes think that they shouldn’t struggle for a better future. Employing a discourse filled with hate and violence towards the upper class is their only way of courting popular support.”


Q. What differences do you see between the way in which Chavez and Maduro exercise power?
A.: “Chávez was a military man and a charismatic leader who –despite allowing himself to be influenced by the Castro brothers– could speak to them on equal terms. Maduro is a mere puppet appointed by Chavez when he was dying, precisely because Maduro was a “Castro man.” Maduro is controlled by the [Venezuelan] military and by the Castro brothers, and he really has no power to make any decisions.”


Q.: What do you think of Maduro’s recent cabinet shake-up and of his promises?
A.: “Nothing is going to change in Venezuela, because this latest move is just a reshuffling of personnel…The Maduro regime can’t really change anything, for it would collapse. How can they do away with their populist and communist ideology and at the same time fix the economy? That’s impossible, and they’re not interested in that anyway. The Castro brothers have been inside Venezuela since 2002…all that they and the top Chavistas care about is to stay in power at any price. They have imposed the tragedy of Cuba on Venezuela.”


Q.: What can the opposition do now that is different from anything they have tried in the last fifteen years?
A.:”First of all, we have to accept the reality of what we are up against. The opposition has tended to see what has happened as an erosion of democracy rather than as the imposition of a dictatorship. What we have now is a neo-tyranny. Chavez’s goal was to obtain absolute power and the total submission of the people. Secondly, the time for dialogue with this neo-tyranny passed long ago…We ought to create a new and broad-based coalition. Sitting around a table and “dialoguing” with this government has achieved nothing. Meanwhile, political prisoners rot in jail without the support they deserve.”


Q.: Why has Chavism endured for so long?
A.: “Chavism survives because of its messianic character, which is derived from the personality and leadership of Chavez himself…. And now this Chavista model, backed by money from our oil boom,is being exported to Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Argentina. And oil money is also buying the political backing of Iran, China, and Russia. Everyone is benefiting from our petroleum resources, except for the Venezuelan people.”

Complete interview HERE, in the castellano dialect

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