It’s official: Raul Castro invited to Latrine Summit

Isabel Saint Malo
Isabel Saint Malo: Foreign Minister of Panama

Everyone knew this was coming, so it’s no surprise.

But now it’s official.  Raul “The Reformer” will definitely infest the Panama summit.

The invitation was formally delivered in person by a lady almost as pretty as Raul: Panama’s very bourgeois foreign minister, Isabel Saint Malo.

Only death or dismemberment will keep Raul from attending.

In the super-charged symbolic world of diplomacy, this coup is as big as they come.


Panama foreign minister invites Raul Castro to Americas Summit

HAVANA (Reuters) – Panamanian Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo personally invited Cuban President Raul Castro to the Summit of the Americas her nation is hosting in April, according to a Cuban government statement published yesterday.

Saint Malo met Castro on Thursday during a one-day visit to Cuba, where she delivered a verbal invitation that puts the United States on the spot diplomatically.

Washington, which initiated the summits in 1994, blocked Cuba’s invitation to the previous six events, saying the Communist-ruled country’s one-party political system was not democratic.

Panama’s invitation amounts to a diplomatic coup for Cuba and follows demands by governments of many Latin American and Caribbean countries that it be invited.

“The United States faces a tough choice: either alter its policy toward Cuba or face the virtual collapse of its diplomacy toward Latin America,” said Richard Feinberg, a senior fellow of the Washington-based Brookings Institution who helped organise the first summit when working for the Clinton administration.

Whole sad story HERE

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  1. And Carlos, Madame Saint Malo is haute bourgeoise, just as I expect she goes for haute couture. But it’s all “correct,” of course.

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