2 thoughts on “Mr. Panetta: You could have resigned”

  1. Panetta is a political hack who was not about to bite the hand that fed and promoted him. He wasn’t about to walk away and risk looking like a “traitor” to Obama, which could adversely affect his future career. The concept of being a public servant is far more theory than practice, and hacks are not in it for the public good. Look at Eric Holder, who’s much more of a screaming disgrace than Panetta was, and see if he resigns.

  2. Asking Panetta to resign over Obama’s bungling would be like expecting Janet Reno to buck Clinton on Elián and resign in protest after he returned the boy to Cuba through tortuous pseudolegal means. Reno, like Panetta, knew perfectly well who and what she owed her rise to, and it sure as hell wasn’t outstanding merit, so she simply danced with the one who brung ‘er. It happens–a lot.

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