A tale of two Cuban “migrants” catches the attention of Canadian news media


Here’s a story about two selfish ingrates who didn’t appreciate the many benefits offered to them by the benevolent government of Castrogonia.

The story is buried way back in the Google News pages, probably because it appeared in a Canadian newspaper rather than on the AP or Reuters news feed.

Like all such self-centered louts, this Cuban couple risked their lives for “freedom,”a monstrous abstraction invented by capitalists.

Good riddance, as our glorious party newspaper Granma might say: a genuine Revolution doesn’t need vermin of this sort.  Genuine Revolutionaries need to be selfless agents of the will of the Maximum Leader, ever ready to ignore their own needs — or even to sacrifice their lives — for the good of the only abstraction in the world that is true indeed: “the people,” as imagined in the mind of the Maximum Leader.

So, go ahead and swim across those waters again, Diana Nyad.  These oafs who die at sea in search of that false capitalist hegemonic abstraction deserve to die.  And you, great athlete, deserve nothing but adulation.


Cuban couple reunited in U.S. after year-long sea odyssey

Almost a year after he smuggled his way out of Cuba on a homemade boat, Jose Caballero was reunited late Thursday with his wife who survived a harrowing sea voyage of her own last month.

The two embraced tightly at the Greyhound bus terminal in Austin, Texas, hours after Mailin Perez crossed the border from Mexico, taking advantage of a U.S. policy that allows entry to Cubans arriving by land.

“Right now we’re so happy, but exhausted from all the tension. There were so many desperate moments,” said Caballero.

Perez, 30, was one of a group of Cuban migrants rescued at sea by Mexican fishermen this month off the Yucatan peninsula badly sunburned and dehydrated after three weeks adrift.

Only 15 of the 32 passengers of her boat survived the journey from Manzanillo in eastern Cuba, with 15 dying at sea, and two more dying after they were rescued.

“It was such a battle to get here,” Perez said later, as she sat down to a traditional Cuban dinner of chicken, and “congri” (rice and beans) prepared by her husband. “I’m happy, but sad for the ones who didn’t make it.”

The group set off on August 7, and were forced to fashion a makeshift sail for their vessel after the motor failed early in the journey. One by one the passengers died as supplies of food, and then water, ran out. Their bodies were thrown overboard.

Caballero, 40, said his wife lost eight cousins on the boat, adding that she had been an assistant at a blood bank in Cuba and brought medical supplies with her.

“For her it’s going to be hard. Right now she is happy she made it, but imagine the trauma she feels,” he said.

Caballero left Cuba by the same route in December on a boat carrying 47 people, and is now a maintenance worker at a trucking company in Austin. “We were at sea for only nine days and I still have nightmares about drowning,” he said.

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  1. Nyad and those who applauded her publicity stunt, I mean feat, are quite impervious to anything like this. If sufficiently pressed, they might express regret that Cubans are driven to risk their lives because of the US “blockade” or some other form of American (especially Cuban-American) “intransigence,” but I wouldn’t expect much better than that. Shitty people happen.

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