Staged: The World of Ricky and Lucy

Desilu stage

I saw this on Hollywood Babylon’s Facebook page and had to share it. Isn’t it so cool to see the stage lay-out of the “I Love Lucy Show”? What iconic TV pioneers and geniuses they were.

Captioned as follows…

Looking down on all the interior sets of the I LOVE LUCY show on the soundstage at DESILU Hollywood studios in the 50’s!

Bedroom (complete with separate beds), living room, kitchen and Ricky Ricardo’s CLUB BABALOO (formerly the TROPICANA CLUB)! Not sure of the room on the left end, but could it be “Little Ricky’s” bedroom?

You can even see the first few rows of the audience bleachers at the bottom of the picture!

At first I thought this photo was of the real set, but wasn’t sure. Posted it on the PHOTOS OF LOS ANGELES group and a comment was posted within minutes saying it was in fact, a scale model of the actual stage. Of course, I should have realized this. Where is all the stage lighting overhead? And the audience bleachers don’t exactly look like wood or steel benches!


Still VERY cool, and, perhaps even a bit cooler that it is a model, with all the attention to detail! Wild how they crammed all of Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred’s lives onto a single stage!

And that is Little Ricky’s bedroom. Oh, and is that supposed to be Ricky and Lucy inside the heart on the crib’s bumper pad behind the baby (1:39)?

If this is true, I ponder where Fred’s and Ethel’s living room was because they did have times when they ran scenes there.

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