El Relajo

We had some major discussions here some years ago when the Bush Administration tightened the Cuba travel rules to once every three years. One guy in particular made great arguments, tugged at our heart strings by telling us how he was the only relative who could help his old, sick and frail grandmother in Cuba by traveling to the island to see her, take her meds and other necessities, and so on and so forth. I felt bad for the guy and reiterated what Ive said all along vis a vis Cuba travel: I am no one to tell anyone not to visit their family in Cuba.

“Coño,” we all thought. “El pobre.”

The “Oh poor guy” didnt last very long, tho, as a little Googling found pictures of him frolicking with jineteras – Cuban prostitutes – in Havana. It wasn’t just grandma he was comforting it seems.

Cuba travel is back in the news this week – as it always is during elections – with Ear Wax Joe Garcia advocating even more loosening of travel restrictions. The argument, of course, is those poor, poor family members:

“No one should have to choose between visiting a sick parent or going to their funeral because their own government denies them the right to travel…

The above is, of course, an outright falsehood. There are myriad humanitarian visas that allow for the visiting of sick relatives or the attending of funerals.

Truth be told, most travel to Cuba isnt humanitarian nowadays although you wont find any mention of this reality in the media as it doesnt fit the narrative. Today, most Cubans living here go back to the island to vacilar, have a good time. Vacation in Varadero or an all inclusive resort. Pa’ templar. To throw a fifteens party for their niece and show off just how rich they are in La Yuma. Go to the Miami to Havana terminal at MIA and youll see what I’m talking about.

It’s shameful. It’s a disgrace. Es un relajo.

Being allowed to stay in this country is a privilege, not an “advantage” as Joe Garcia puts it. And exploiting this privilege is dishonest and opprobrious.

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  1. Mr. García is a human cockroach, but I accept him for what he is, just as I do with the insect variety. My real problem is with any voter, especially a Cuban one, who’d vote for such a creature to national office. The trouble with politics is not the lousy politicians; it’s the people who elect and re-elect them.

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