So what’s wrong with Che Guevara as a hero and icon among Lateeenos?


An art display of Latino Heroes and Icons in New Haven city hall features the famous picture of Che Guevara, which was mildly vandalized recently.

The art display is the handiwork of a non-profit art-promotion outfit named ARTE Inc. From their mission statement:

“Arte is dedicated to promoting Latino art, culture and education. Arte is exposing Latinos to the arts and introducing other communities to the richness and diversity of Latino cultures and art. Latinos / Hispanics are one of the largest and fastest growing populations. Arte embraces and celebrates these cultures.”

Well? Isn’t Che Guevara a hero and icon among the VAST majority of “Latinos/Hispanics”–both in their home nations and in the U.S.?

And isn’t this veneration of the communist murderer, thief, coward and pig perfectly congruent with the level of envy, treachery and stupidity among the citizenry that lead to the conditions that mostly characterize “Latino/Hispanic” countries? (i.e. vast slums, sweatshops and sewers–the entire pestiferous mess run by frauds and kleptocrats.)


And don’t the overwhelmingly majority of the Latinos, once in the U.S., vote Democratic?

Here Arte’s co-founder David Diaz explains the rationale behind the heroes and icons display:

“Here in the U.S. the history taught in schools often omits personalities that we (latinos) have reference with.” Arte co-founder Daniel Diaz.

For me personally, in light of what he accomplished during periods of his life he (Che Guevara) was a hero.”

“Personalmente para mí el Che -por lo que hizo en ciertas épocas de su vida-, fue un héroe.”

(Aquí se enseña la historia de los Estados Unidos, la cual en muchas épocas no enseña o no ofrece fotos de personajes de los cuales nosotros podamos tener referencia…,” explicaba Daniel Díaz.)


Exactly. (Traditional) U.S. history indeed features modest, honest, liberty-loving men as heroes. Lateenos–given every shred of historical evidence–prefer rabble-rousers, megalomaniacs, psycopaths, kleptocrats and frauds.

So fine: if we’re gonna keep letting these type of people into the U.S., the ARTE exhibit in New Haven is perfectly proper and the fine folks at ARTE are fulfilling their mission. They are a non-profit and NOT funded by taxpayers. So Let them choose whatever “latino heroes and icons” strike their fancy, I say. And given their clientele, they’re certainly picking the right ones.

A Lateeno leader (Che Guevara) who through theft, murder and treachery converted a vibrant (almost) first world nation into a typical latino-type slum, sewer and sweatshop strikes me as a perfect hero and icon for a “Latino” art exhibit by the “Latino” group ARTE.

(More warm-hearted “outreach” to our “Latino brothers and sisters” tomorrow.)

2 thoughts on “So what’s wrong with Che Guevara as a hero and icon among Lateeenos?”

  1. Yes, venerating Che is eminently Latrine and practically a defining trait of the species. In Argentina, of course, the veneration is official, which means Argentina will be on my black list as long as that continues (and I have no illusions about Latrines seeing the light, certainly not any time at all soon, if ever).

  2. Every time I see Che’s picture, he looks dirtier, greasier and more pestilent, not just literally but figuratively. The arrogance, the dogmatism, the delusional fixation on ideology divorced from reality–all those things are also increasingly evident, and yet the myth persists. It cannot possibly be mere ignorance by now; the whole business is too cheesy, full of holes and propagandistic to be taken at face value (except, of course, by cretins). The real problem is that the myth is still useful enough to enough people, even if only as a juvenile fantasy that tickles their fancy. Let’s face it, an awful lot of people insist on believing what they want to believe no matter how false or even outlandish it may be.

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