BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!! (New York Times editorial, Think-Tanks and the Cuba “Embargo”)


The New York Times runs an editorial denouncing the so-called U.S. embargo of Cuba as “counterproductive” (i.e. “Castro’s best friend…because it gives him an excuse for his economic failures blah..blah..”)–yet quickly runs another editorial boasting that Fidel Castro endorsed and reprinted the first one!


The New York Times also boasts that Fidel Castro compared their recent end-the-embargo editorial to the work from Cuba of New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews!!!!!!


“Imagine if you will…a place where every “prestigious” Think-Tank (from Brookings to CATO) and every “prestigious” publication (from the New York Times to The Atlantic) denounces the Cuba “embargo” as “Castro’s best-friend, a policy he secretly favors”–even when every one of his convicted secret agents campaigned secretly and obsessively against the embargo while working as secret agents. On top of that, the KGB-mentored media of Castro’s totalitarian regime makes it a point to reprint every “end-the-embargo” article ever printed in the world, especially by the New York Times…

Imagine if you will…a place where the institutions that call the embargo “Castro’s Best-Friend” are still titled“Think-Tanks….”

2 thoughts on “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!! (New York Times editorial, Think-Tanks and the Cuba “Embargo”)”

  1. The NYT helped enable Castro, Inc. into existence and has enabled it ever since. It’s effectively the same now as it was in the days of Herbert Matthews, only now it’s less over-the-top and involves “Latino” faux expertise as cover, however flimsy. Practically everything the NYT has ever said regarding Cuba since the days of Matthews is more pro-Castro regime than against it, meaning the NYT is essentially complicit with Castro, Inc. and an enemy of the Cuban people, and that is not accidental or unintentional–it’s a chosen route. It wouldn’t matter if the Times genuinely believed it was doing the right thing, because well-intentioned evil is still evil regardless of motivation.

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