Miss Hitler versus Miss Che: Which beauty pageant would be best for the world?

Miss Hitler contestant Elena Bernatskaya
Miss Hitler contestant Elena Bernatskaya

Sponsor a Miss Hitler beauty contest and chances are you will get lots and lots of attention, all of it negative

See the evidence for yourself, in this article from Vocativ:

Who Will Be Miss Hitler 2014?
Who is the most beautiful anti-Semitic of them all? A Russian pro-Hitler online group wants to find out

There is an actual, real-life Miss Hitler contest going on right now. On VKontakte— Russia’s Facebook—Russian and Ukrainian Nazis and the people who love them, are voting for their favorite pictures of proud, beautiful anti-Semitic women posted to the site’s “Adolf Hitler” group page. Boasting more than 7,000 followers, the page describes itself as a group of Russians and Ukrainians who pay tribute to Hitler, history’s best-known goose-stepping genocidal maniac.

Miss Ostland 2014, as it’s called, is a social media pageant tribute to Ostland, the Nazi civilian occupation regime of the Baltic states in 1941 in which more than a million Jews were murdered. But Miss Ostland isn’t all about genocide. Actually, it’s more about “feminine beauty” than anything else.

Want to be 2014?s Miss Hitler? Here’s how you qualify:

1) Be a woman.

2) Be a Nazi.

3) Be a woman Nazi.

4) Be a woman who hates Jews.

5) Be a member of the “Adolf Hitler” VKontakte group.

6) Post a sexy Nazi pic.

7) Get other Nazis to like your pic.

8) Don’t insult other women’s pictures. Nazis are a lot of things, but they are apparently not catty on social media.

The woman whose picture receives the most likes will be declared the winner, and only group members can vote.

Continue reading HERE (Includes photos of the lovely contestants).

What do you think would happen if someone were to launch a Miss Castro pageant?  Or a Miss Che pageant (since El Coma Andante and his half brother are still alive it seems more adequate to feature a dead man as an icon of perfection).

Any negative press?  Not likely.  This contest would be a total propaganda victory!

So, why not start such a contest?  Leftists throughout the world could turn this into something bigger than Miss Universe or Miss World.  And imagine the interest such a pageant would spark in Latrine America!

A mere suggestion to those who are interested: Follow guidelines similar to those of the Miss Hitler pageant:

1) Be a woman.

2) Be a Communist or Socialist.

3) Be a woman Communist or Socialist.

4) Be a woman who hates all capitalists and property owners and advocates their total elimination.

5) Be a member of the “Che Guevara” fan club.

6) Post a sexy Communist/Socialist picture.

7) Get other Communists and Socialists to like your pic.

8) Don’t insult other women’s pictures. Communists and Socialists are not catty about each other on  social media — only about bourgeois scum.

Go to it comrades!   The so-called news media of the world will love the story.  And maybe you can raise enough money to equip poor people everywhere with weapons for the ultimate “final solution.”


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  1. Carlos, get ready for a nasty letter from Mariela for desecrating the image of St. Ernesto. She already did that when a gay group in Spain thought it’d be cute to do what you did, even though they were doing it as a promotional gimmick to raise funds for Mariela’s very own sexology outfit in Cuba (so you can imagine how much angrier she’ll get at one of “those people”). Still, I think the lipstick looks very fetching on him, and if you remove the facial hair, he could give Cindy Crawford a run for her money (at least in certain circles).

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