Member of Cuban Ebola-fighting team in Guinea dies a mere three weeks after his arrival


It didn’t take very long for Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez to become deathly ill in Guinea.

Did he die from Ebola?  Maybe.  His symptoms were very similar to those of Ebola patients.  But then again, maybe not.

Since the only news available on this man’s death come from the Castro Ministry of Truth,  it is impossible to verify the details.

According to various Castronoid publications, Guerra Rodriguez arrived in Guinea on October 6.  Sixteen days later, on October 22, he came down with diarrhea due to “an eating disorder” and developed a high fever.   Though he was treated at two hospitals during the next two days his condition continued to worsen and he died on October 26.

The Castro-controlled news media insist that Guerra Rodriguez tested negative for Ebola two times and that the cause of death was a virulent strain of malaria.   These reports also insist that he was merely a “health cooperator” in charge of the Ebola fighting team’s finances and that he never came in contact with any Ebola patients.

Whether he really died of malaria is irrelevant.  The man is dead, and his death was not just sudden, but horrific, and suspiciously similar to that of any Ebola patient.   In addition, none of the Cuban medical “experts” that were part of his team –and who are in Africa to deal with a deadly epidemic –were able to save his life.

This is probably just the first of many such deaths among the Cuban Ebola fighters.  Get ready for more.  These medical slaves have to serve for six months in Africa (as opposed to the six weeks that are the norm for other foreign medical teams).  In addition, the Castro regime has made it clear that none of them will be allowed to return to Cuba if they contract Ebola  in Africa.

From Outbreak News Today:

Cuban worker in Guinea, Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, dies from cerebral malaria

A member of the Medical Brigade team from Cuba who went to West Africa to fight Ebola, died from complications of cerebral malaria, according to a Cuban News Agency report today.

60-year-old economist, Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, died Monday from the serious parasitic disease, cerebral malaria from a Plasmodium falciparum infection. Rodriguez arrived in Guinea on Oct. 6 as part of a vanguard team of the medical brigade sent to battle Ebola.

The report states, as an economist with the medical brigade, Rodriguez never had any contacts with any Ebola treatment centers or with patients of that disease; however, he was submitted to two Ebola diagnostic tests whose results were negative.

Continue reading HERE (for details on the type of malaria that allegedly killed this Cuban).

2 thoughts on “Member of Cuban Ebola-fighting team in Guinea dies a mere three weeks after his arrival”

  1. But aren’t these Cubans supposed to be the last word on dealing with third-world diseases? Isn’t that their forte and stock in trade? Could the official Castro, Inc. narrative possibly be, oh, I don’t know, FULL OF IT? You’d better believe it.

    There is, of course, no way to tell if or how much of this story is true. Even if the death was due to malaria, what the hell was a 60-year-old doing there in the first place? Why weren’t adequate precautions taken? Where did these people think they were going, the Swiss Alps? Lord have mercy.

  2. Look at the suckers in the photo: Do they seem like sharp, together, highly competent and confident professionals to you? Or do they look like a bunch of confused, nervous, bumbling schmucks trying desperately to fly by the seat of their pants? Can you say OVERPARTED? Sheesh.

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