Unhappy Halloween: Very Scary Stuff From the Castro Colony of Caracastan

Leopoldo López
Leopoldo López

From ABC Spain (full story in Spanish HERE)

Castro-style torture in Venenozuela

Venezuela’s imprisoned dissidents are being subjected to a new and more extreme form of torture. According to Lilian Tintori, wife of dissident Leopoldo López, her husband and other prominent political prisoners at the military prison of Ramo Verde are enduring a savage barrage of Castro-style harassment.

Leopoldo López, who was mayor of Chacao until his arrest, became a leading figure of the anti-Chavista protests that shook Venezuela eight months ago. Three other former mayors and several other prominent dissidents are in the same prison.

Ramo Verde prison
Ramo Verde prison

Up until now, these prisoners at Ramo Verde have lived in nearly total isolation from their families and the outside world in grimy cells, with severely limited and carefully-monitored  visits, phone calls, and mail. Now, they are being subjected to a more aggressive form of torment by warden Homero Miranda.

Lilian Tintori says that three new forms of torture were unleashed on her husband and the other prisoners on October 24, in retaliation for statements she made about repression in Venezuela while she was visiting Spain. Her revelations led to a tense diplomatic scuffle between Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Rajoy and Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

These physical and psychological horrors, which have long been part of the Castro prison system, are intended not just as retaliation for Tintori’s statements abroad, but as a warning to the families of other prisoners, to keep them quiet.

1. The leading dissidents at Ramo Verde are being pelted with human excrement and urine. As plastic bags full of these substances are smashed against their jail cell windows by prison guards, water and electricity are shut off, so that the prisoners cannot clean themselves or their cells. The urine and the excrement are provided by the prison guards, who have been ordered by the warden to relieve themselves in those plastic bags.

2. Loud sirens, whistles, and Chavista hymns are being blasted into their cells, to prevent them from sleeping. The lyrics to the hymns consist of nothing but propaganda lines such as «Chávez vive, la lucha sigue» (Chavez lives, the struggle continues).

3. Prisoners are being stripped down to their underwear and subjected to violent beatings, and are refused medical attention afterwards.

So, it looks as if the Castronoid Cuban “advisers” have been very busy, playing the role of teachers at the Ramo Verde prison.

Leopoldo López in his prison cell

Leopoldo López in his prison cell

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