Cuban dissident Miriam Celaya aghast at a gathering of U.S. Cuba “Experts”

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Move over Dorothy. Move over Alice. Move over Dana Wynter in The Invasion of Body Snatchers.

You see, Cuban dissident Miriam Celaya (who actually lives and reports from Cuba) recently found herself in a place more surreal and terrifying than you will ever know. Nothing made sense. Everything was upside-down, phantasmagorical and worse…hideous and fantastic lies went completely unquestioned…seemingly sane people eagerly accepted spells and potions from Shamans and Witch Doctors….

You see, Miriam Celaya (who actually lives and reports from Cuba) found herself in a gathering of Cuba “experts” at Columbia University. These “experts” were all describing life in Cuba in their usual manner to an eagerly-listening U.S. media…..

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Last month, a conference was held at Columbia University entitled, “Covering Cuba in an Era of Change,” which gathered over a dozen U.S.-based Cuba “experts” (propagandists), in order to praise Raul “the reformer” and criticize the United States.

The panelists included U.S. Rep. James McGovern (D-MA), attorney Greg Craig, William LeoGrande, Peter Kornbluh, etc. — you get the point.

An exception among the participants was renowned Cuban dissident and blogger, Miriam Celaya, who left horrified by the deceptive image of Cuba that these U.S.-based “experts” were propagating.

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Who can blame poor Miriam Celaya if she never recovers from the psychic and sensory trauma…….??????


2 thoughts on “Cuban dissident Miriam Celaya aghast at a gathering of U.S. Cuba “Experts””

  1. The lady has several problems: 1. She’s Cuban. 2. She’s not Yoani Sánchez. 3. She doesn’t appear to be “Cuba Study Group” or FIU material. 4. She’s not connected to the Castro family and hasn’t even adopted a Jewish surname. 5. She hasn’t done the supervised/televised fasting thing for months and then come out looking just fine. 6. She hasn’t been on a Joe García campaign ad. 7. She’s Cuban.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. I mean, why on earth would anyone listen to her when they can just go to Dhil Pickle, Peogrande or Kornblücher (like son of Frau Blücher)? Just move along.

  2. All sorts of ostensibly serious and reputable entities resort to these evidently, er, compromised “experts” and put forth their “expertise,” not only as if it were genuine and reliable, but as if there was nothing better to be had, neither in nor out of Cuba–in other words, as if actual Cubans infinitely better qualified to speak on the matter were hopelessly inaccessible or simply did not exist. What does that say about such entities, both in terms of their nature and in terms of how they see Cubans and Cuba? I don’t know about others, but I personally find it WAY beyond patronizing, to put it very mildly. Unfortunately, I think it’s considerably worse than that, certainly when it comes to an outfit like the New York Times and its new shiny little toy, the journalistic Juanes. Maybe Cubans should consider making Rodney Dangerfield their patron saint. Lord have mercy.

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