Venezuela reaps benefits of Cuban “medical internationalism”


Time Magazine devoted its cover article recently to praising Castrogonia’s medical system and its international reach:”Why Cuba is so good at fighting Ebola.”

Yeah.  No surprise.  Nothing but praise for Cuban healthcare.  Not a word about the poor quality of medical care Cubans receive, or about dengue, Chikungunya, cholera, and other tropical diseases that ravage the Cuban people.

And…. not a word about the fact that Venezuela — a Cuban colony — is suffering through a horrific health crisis.

A question for the faithful believers/ cult members at Time magazine:  If the Castro regime’s medical system is “so good” why does it fail at home or in its own colonies?

Another question for them: With so many uncontrolled epidemics at home and its colonies, why does the Castro regime send so many medical personnel abroad?

If the editors at Time find it hard to believe that Castrogonia should be held accountable for health problems in Venezuela, they should read this article in the July/August 2010 issue of Foreign affairs magazine (“Castrocare in Crisis”), which spells out in detail how heavily  invested the Castro regime is in Venezuela’s health care.  As this article pointed out four years ago:

The Castro government’s largest and most extensive bilateral effort is with Hugo Chávez’s leftist government in Venezuela. Under an “oil-for-doctors” program initiated in 2000, Venezuela provides 100,000 barrels of petroleum products to Cuba per day in exchange for three things: 31,000 Cuban doctors and dentists, training by Cuban doctors for 40,000 Venezuelan physicians, and Operation Miracle, an initiative funded by Venezuela under which Cuban doctors provide eye surgery, in Cuba, to thousands of poor Latin Americans annually.

A suggestion for the Kool-Aid drinkers at Time:  your lead article should have been entitled: “Why Cuba is so good at fooling us.”

And another suggestion: how about a future article entitled: “Why Cuba is hell on earth.”

Dengue prevention team from Cuba visits Venezuelan village
Dengue prevention team from Cuba visits Venezuelan village

From AFP via Yahoo News:

Venezuela in grip of severe tropical disease outbreak

Venezuela is in the grip of one of the worst outbreaks of tropical diseases in decades, and the response by public health authorities has been slow and inefficient, two non-governmental groups reported Tuesday.

In 2014, Venezuela had over 150,000 recorded cases of dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya, the report said.

The country also had 1.2 million fever episodes without a precise diagnoses, according to the report by the Health Observatory and another group called We Defend the Epidemiology of Venezuelan Society.

The epidemic is one of the worst in 25 years, said former health minister Jose Felix Oletta, who was among the authors of the report.

“And we’re still in the expansion phase, this problem will continue,” Oletta told AFP.

The spread of the diseases coincides with a crisis in the Venezuelan health sector that has been plagued with a shortage of drugs and medical equipment.

Health organizations have issued warnings on the outbreak and their records suggest the government may be undercounting the number of infected people.

“We have an inefficient health system that is not informed and tackles the problems late. They knew for 20 weeks that the Chikungunya virus was in Venezuela before the government began to require notification of cases,” Oletta said.

The majority of the country’s health supplies are imported and its strict import controls require the private sector to petition the government for imports. Some requests have been delayed for up to two years.

Dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya are diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that cause intense fever and pain. There is no vaccine for the diseases.

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  1. TIME isn’t being fooled; it simply wants to be or chooses to act like it–unless its people are actually retarded. In principle, it’s like drivers who do wildly inappropriate things behind the wheel at the worst possible times, like morning rush hour: they’re not crazy, just assholes.

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