The New York Times and Angela Merkel commemorate “Horror” of Berlin Wall (where 138 people died attempting to escape communism)

German Chacellor Merkel warmly greets Cuban dictator Raul Castro during Latrine-American summmit last year in Chile.

(A reminder: An estimated 50,000 plus Cubans have died attempting to escape a Communist regime that relies on the New York Times as a branch of of its propaganda bureau and on Germany for trade and for among its top sources of tourist revenue.)

From the New York Times:

BERLIN — If memory needs places, Berlin was the place this weekend to remember the horror of the Berlin Wall, and the joy of unexpected liberation that accompanied its fall 25 years ago Sunday…Only in 1989, after Europeans across the Soviet bloc were rising up against Communism, did Nov. 9 become a date of joy with the wall falling. Now, Ms. Merkel and many other speakers this weekend noted, it is up to Germans to nurture the memory, preserve democracy and intervene to prevent injustice.

After laying a yellow-and-red rose in memory of the 138 people killed trying to cross the wall — hundreds more died at the border that divided Germany itself — Ms. Merkel attended a brief religious service at which Berlin’s Lutheran bishop, Markus Dröge, extolled the “great and fragile gift of freedom.”

Some activists — including Roland Jahn, now the commissioner in charge of the huge archives of the Stasi, East Germany’s much-feared secret police — went on to other parties, thanking West German journalists for their help 25 years ago


Imagine if you will…the fun the “edgy,” “iconoclastic” and “ironical” writers for such as Jon Stewart, SNL, etc. could have with such a subject as the New York Times if only these oh-so-sophisticated jackasses didn’t regard The New York Times as their idealogical butt-buddies…”



3 thoughts on “The New York Times and Angela Merkel commemorate “Horror” of Berlin Wall (where 138 people died attempting to escape communism)”

  1. 138 people died trying to escape over the communist Berlin Wall.

    50,000 people have died (and still dying) trying to escape the communist ‘water wall’.

  2. The Cubans who’ve died in the Florida Straits don’t count–just ungrateful, greedy wretches who wanted too much out of life instead of being satisfied with “free” health care and education. Sort of like the four Brothers to the Rescue pilots shot down and killed by the Castro regime, who also don’t count because they “provoked” the regime and therefore “asked for it.”

    There’s little point arguing against bad faith because all you’ll get is a bad-faith response. In other words, the game is rigged–and how.

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