Myths of Cuban Socialism: Part I

Myths of Cuban Socialism: Part I

Introducing the Land of Lies and Broken Promises
Fidel Castro’s revolution arrived, only to bring 55 years of broken promises

Since January 1, 1959, when Fidel Castro walked into Havana with his “revolutionary gestures” and seized power, the illegitimate government of Cuba has not tired of lying and creating myths. The great media campaign of Cuban “socialism” has focused on swaying international public opinion. Regardless, Cubans of the island and the ones who managed to flee know better than anyone the reality that is life in the Castro brothers’ hell.

The biggest lie began with Castro’s promise of democratic elections in 1959. It was one of the main reasons why the majority of Cubans, tired of the atrocities of dictator Fulgencio Batista (1955-1959), supported the revolution.

Three months passed — March, April, May — and Castro said not a word about releasing power. Instead, he began his atrocities against the opposition and the Cuban people, all led by him and his henchman Ernesto Guevara. At that time, many Cubans understood that they had been fooled once again by a vile politician.

It is not worth one’s effort to enumerate the achievements of 55 years of the Castro regime; their socialism, as a matter of fact, has achieved nothing but misery for the Cuban people. Let us instead open our eyes and acknowledge the so-called Cuban achievements as a smokescreen of brazen lies — from the famous “blockade” to “social equality,” all of them lies.

Once lodged in power, Castro lessened his rhetoric against Batista. Little by little, he introduced the “anti-imperialist character” of the revolution and the Cuban political system. Eventually, however, the new regime was a satellite of the Soviet Union — the greatest imperialist of the 20th century — and with all the consequences.

Castro’s Chosen Enemy: The United States

The regime’s confrontation with the United States, an enemy presented as ardent, fierce, and only 90 miles away, has been ideal for Castro and his younger brother Raúl. As is widely understood, the starting point for manipulation in politics is the common threat of an enemy. If there isn’t one, it must be invented. From that flows the famous saying, “the people united will never be defeated.”

And so began the expropriation of properties from US citizens and Cuban businessmen — under the enduring and monstrous cry of “the oppressors exploit the workers.” Castro’s exploitation subsequently exceeded that of Batista, whom he fought so furiously.

The regime conducted expropriations under the promise of fair-price compensation for the businessmen, but not a penny has been paid. Let us tell it like it is: Castro and his allies stole private properties. And the thief deserved to be punished with the embargo the United States imposed on Cuba in 1962.

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3 thoughts on “Myths of Cuban Socialism: Part I”

  1. Love the photo: scumbags and chusma on parade. Che looks remarkably gay, and the contemptible worthless VP next to him, the painfully irrelevant Dorticos (who was dubbed “cucharita, porque ni pincha ni corta”) is the epitome of the abject tool.

  2. The marching clowns, who were NOT real military, should have shed the fatigues for civilian garb as soon as Batista was out of the picture, but then again, they should have done all kinds of things they’d fervently promised, like restoring freely elected democratic government, and they never did. The cheap, juvenile and ludicrously inappropriate “guerrilla” posturing, which was kept up LONG after the “revolution” had control of everything, only underscores the intrinsic vulgarity and B-movie quality of the players–opportunistic con artists who wouldn’t know class from grass, and predictably overcompensated by dressing up in soldier costumes, strutting, gesticulating, boasting and threatening–and they’re still at it. What a disgrace.

  3. Let’s face it: most Cubans were too easy to fool. Obviously it’s far easier to see clearly in retrospect, but handing over the entire country to the kind of characters in that old phot was absolutely INSANE. They couldn’t look more dubious and improvised if they tried. Lord have mercy.

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