Senators Udall and Flake cooking up much more than the release of Alan Gross?

Genius senator Tom Udall
Genius senator Tom Udal: “I know this much about Cuba!”l

So, it looks as if that trip to Castrogonia by senators Flake and Udall might have been about much more than rescuing Alan Gross from his Cuban prison cell.

Could it be that the deal being struck is the lifting of the so-called embargo?  Maybe…

A New Mexico newspaper article published today focuses on the Castro-embracing efforts of these two members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and –not surprisingly– the quotes from senators Flake and Udall are identical to lines found in recent New York Times editorials, almost word for word.  Of course, this immediately places Udall and Flake in the genius category.  As everyone knows, the New York Times is the Holy Writ of the self-appointed thinking class, the brightest of the brightest.

And these two geniuses who understand Cuba so well have nothing other than brilliant plans full of good intentions for the Cuban people.  Yeah. Sure.

So, get ready…..  something is definitely brewing.  And the stench is nauseating.

Dos senadores, coño, dos !!!  Me la comí.
Dos senadores, coño, dos en el bolsillo !!! Me la comí.!!!

From Albuquerque Business First

Udall visits Cuba, sees possibilities for New Mexico businesses

Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) has returned from a three-day Senate Foreign Relations Committee trip to Cuba and said it would be to New Mexico’s benefit if relations between the U.S. and the island nation were more open.

“New Mexicans are anxious to meet and work with Cubans, and the time is right to rebuild business and cultural ties between the United States and Cuba,” Udall said in a statement. “The Cuban regime is antidemocratic and has many flaws, but our current policy has proven ineffective and has primarily served to isolate the people of Cuba. It’s time for a 21st century approach that opens up opportunities for New Mexicans and other American interests.”

Tom Udall, who was accompanied by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), said the two have pledged to continue working together in the Senate to open U.S. travel to and trade with Cuba.

“My recent trip to Cuba has only reconfirmed the necessity of modernizing our failed policy toward the island,” Flake said. “While the significance of Cuba’s recent economic changes remains to be seen, there is now a burgeoning small-business community there, much of which is funded by remittances from the United States. Rather than continuing to provide the regime an all-too-convenient scapegoat and wasting money on boondoggle aid programs, it’s time to take commonsense steps to support these entrepreneurs, expand the participation of U.S. businesses in the Cuban economy, and lift the ban on non-Cuban American U.S. citizens travelling to the island.”

Así me gusta,, Nuevo Mejico!!! Asi, así.!!!

1 thought on “Senators Udall and Flake cooking up much more than the release of Alan Gross?”

  1. There is NO way Flake’s increasingly suspect and disturbing Cuba fixation is just about serving his constituents. He should be fixated, alright–on illegal immigration, which is FAR more relevant to Arizona than Cuba policy. Udal just looks like a generic liberal cretin, sort of like Kerry without the overtly snotty “major statesman” airs. What astonishes me is how these people, even if they were acting in good faith with the best intentions, could even begin to believe they could possibly “get” Cuba better than Cubans themselves. It’s as if they feel they only need to be on the same page as the New York Times. Such presumption is not just absurd; it’s profoundly paternalistic, condescending, and deeply insulting. And to top it all off, they actually dare to criticize Cuban-Americans for “meddling” or trying to influence Cuba policy. Lord have mercy.

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