Anti-Castro dissidents assaulted and stabbed at the home of Guillermo Fariñas

Guillermo Fariñas
Guillermo Fariñas

Disturbing news from Castrogonia.

Let’s hope this is not the start of some new approach to dissidents.

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro Regime Operative Stabs Two “Ladies in White”

Last night, a Castro regime operative forcefully entered the home of Cuban democracy leader and Sakharov Prize recipient, Guillermo Fariñas, and physically assaulted dissidents gathered there.

Jose Alberto Botell Cardenas, a known regime operative, stabbed four dissidents with a knife, various of whom had hovered to protect Fariñas.

Among those stabbed were two members of the pro-democracy group, The Ladies in White — Maria Arango and Isabel Fernandez Llanes.

Arango remains hospitalized in critical condition, as she was stabbed in the chest.  This morning she suffered respiratory arrest.

Also, stabbed were two male dissidents, Miguel Fariñas Key and Jesus Aristides Hernandez.

Pursuant to the stabbing, Botell Cardenas (the regime operative) was cheerfully greeted by a senior secret police official, Captain Reinier Rodriguez Conde, who had been staking-out the dissident’s meeting.

He was later seen drinking alcoholic beverages at a local park in Santa Clara.

Despite dissident’s calls for his arrest, Botell Cardenas remains free.

This morning, he also threatened to kill another member of The Ladies in White, Dayami Villavicencio, and her son.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Castro dissidents assaulted and stabbed at the home of Guillermo Fariñas”

  1. Of course, Ernesto Londoño whom as we all know is currently in Cuba and was tweeting about his wonderful visit to Granma headquarters is hush on this assassination attempt. Don’t expect him to tweet about it or much less mention it in one of his upcoming opinion pieces.

  2. Honey, believe me, I’ve written many-a-letters to the NYTs. And Londoño has a twitter account that people are writing to. The point is that they are purposely ignoring it. For instance, Londoño met with the folks at Granma, while refusing to meet with the dissidents. Of course, I will send him a note, but I’m not holding my breath for any type of epiphany from him where he suddenly discovers that things aren’t as he depicts them in his pro-castro editorials and opinion pieces.

  3. The NYT’s well knows that the Castro regime has been repressing and murdering dissidents for a half century plus. They not only ignore the crimes, but are complicit. Londono’s editorials are just a current example of them providing cover with positive PR while the regime tromps on the Cuban people. Not to mention their involvement in international terrorism , drug trafficking, etc.

  4. Honey, the NYT, given its monumental pretensions, shouldn’t need to be told a thing. It’s supposed to know, which happens to be its job–especially if it’s going to pontificate on Cuba policy the way it always has. It is simply willfully blind and relentlessly pursuing its own political agenda, and it won’t change unless it has no alternative. In other words, trying to enlighten it is throwing pearls before swine.

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