Tourist bus crashes in Castrogonia


Forty-one French tourists who were busy enjoying a “sunshine holiday” in the apartheid state of Castrogonia were injured yesterday when their bus crashed.

These tourists had just paid a visit to Che Guevara’s mausoleum in Santa Clara.

The injured were all taken to a nearby hospital.  Since this medical facility is probably not one of those reserved for foreigners or Cuban oligarchs, the French embassy is very busy trying to “repatriate” them as soon as possible.

So, here we go again: Castrogonia’s “wonderful” health care system is not wonderful enough for foreigners.

Will any of these injured tourists complain publicly about the quality of Cuban health care?  Will they speak out about the apartheid system that allowed them to ride a fancy bus that no Cuban ever gets a chance to ride?  Will they rue their idolatrous visit to Che’s grave?

Don’t count on it.   Chances are they will continue to idolize the so-called “Revolution” and to view Cubans as subhuman beings who are damn lucky to wait on them hand and foot.


From Euronews

French tourists hurt in Cuba coach crash

A sunshine holiday has turned into a nightmare for a group of French tourists.

More than 40 have been injured, at least seven critically, in a coach crash in Cuba.

It happened as the group, thought to be mainly pensioners, were returning from an excursion to Santa Clara.

The central city is home to a monument holding the remains of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the Argentine who helped lead the armed uprising that put Fidel Castro in power in 1959.

Cuban state television says their coach was involved in a collision with another vehicle travelling in the same direction. It happened in broad daylight on a national highway.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says everything is being done to help with the repatriation of those caught up in the disaster, most of whom are from northwestern France.



6 thoughts on “Tourist bus crashes in Castrogonia”

  1. They should have had their property expropriated, their food rationed, their “bourgeois” hotel amenities and outside contact (radio, cable, internet, phone, media) totally stripped, their foreign music deemed “subversive”, their complains criminalized, their “non-revolutionary” books burned, and been put in front of an execution wall in order to get the full Che experience.

    I can’t avoid not being sad over the fact that Stalin didn’t pocket France during the aftermath of WWII. It’s been very evident since then that those pretentious and arrogant pieces of coward, leftist, and mockable crap never deserved the foreign protection they had. These people had a full display of communism right in their backyard, their lack of morality has no excuse.

  2. At least the French have a relatively bad reputation, but what about Canadians? They’re supposed to be lovable, salt-of-the-earth types, yet they’re by far the biggest tourist group to Castro’s Cuba. In other words, it’s a very generalized problem, and the only thing that would change that would be for Cuba to become a socially unacceptable tourist destination, which is not going to happen if it hasn’t happened by now.

  3. The little jinetera, who’s young enough to be that guy’s daughter, looks bored out of her mind. But that’s OK; “daddy” will still have plenty of photos to show his friends back home, which will probably encourage some of them to join the fun in Cuba.

  4. Asombra,

    Not really, the Canadians, like the French, are also famous for having an inferiority complex with USA. Few are the Americans that haven’t come across Canadians who exhibit strong and exaggerated reactions whenever anyone mistakes them to be American. They resent the fact that their only distinction seems to be, well, not being American.

    More so, Canada also has a French element that only adds to la comemierderia. Canadians know that they are totally overshadowed by the influence and overwhelming superiority of USA in pretty much every aspect of human endeavor that is worthwhile. They don’t come close in the list of stellar accomplishments.

    Their favorite pastime also seems to be criticizing Americans and American policies virulently and then patting themselves on the back telling one another how Canadian policies differ and thus are better, banding together to dis Americans and gloat when challenges afflict the USA, as to console themselves.

    I find this stupid and insecure behavior somewhat interesting because, not only is their current socioeconomic reality in major part the result of USA, very few Americans bother about Canada (a.k.a State 51). Truth be told, Americans don’t bother discussing Canada at all. Americans know more about Mexico than Canada. This reality probably adds to their resentment and inferiority complex.

    I say all this because there is a twisted phycology regarding these people that we Cubans can’t oversee. These conceited, yet culturally frustrated, imbeciles have always been attracted to Castro for allegedly humiliating and standing up to USA. Granted, the entire world does business with Castro but the servitude of these two, followed by Spain’s (the opportunistic thugs that they have always been), stands out.

    Never mind that it was Frank Sturgis of the very CIA who armed and trained Castro, what the hell do they know. If they don’t care about financing the Orwellian and apartheid reality that hits them in the face the moment they put foot on Castrolandia why would they care about Cuba’s history beyond Castro’s very own narcissistic lies and propaganda.

    Point being, these imbeciles feel very independent and original by engaging “yankee-free” Cuba. They credit Castro much more for not permitting McDonalds than not for permitting a civic society nor a market economy for the sake of egotistical control (one that has totally ruined and destroyed a country). Yet, somehow, and very contradictorily so, the communist mantra claims that the absence of US corporations in Cuba is also the primary culprit for Cuba’s shocking decrepitude and destruction. The formula is clearly a very simple one; USA is to blame for everything, no matter what.

    Granted, their hotel accommodations, indeed, those do have to be up to capitalistic standards, or as Cubans would say, party member standards – no “embargo” there. For them, stuffing Castro’s pockets and seemingly going against US policy by parading through dystopian Havana with an olive green communist hat and a Che t-shirt is an act of independence, distinction, defiance, and a joke.

    The criminal destruction of a once booming republic at the hands of an egotistical lunatic and the aberrant enslavement of a population by unscrupulous scum, they can clearly care shit about that. After all, the Cubans are inferior people – they dance and are loud extroverts so they are okay (never mind the larges suicide rate in America and all those dying aboard rafts in the Atlantic Ocean).

    In fact, they gladly repeat Castro’s “embargo” propaganda without giving any of his criminal and stalinistic bullshit five minutes of thought. Why? Because it is anti-American trash, nothing more. It’s all part of the fun.

  5. Yes, Castro, Inc. has gotten MAJOR mileage out of playing the anti-American card. Our Latrine “brothers” are a prime example of that, not to mention Spain, the entire third-world crowd, and other countries that should have been quite above that. I agree that playing along with Castro, Inc. to spite or “defy” the US is part of Canada’s problem, which was obviously the case with the repellent Pierre Trudeau. The main problem, however, is simply condoned hypocrisy and fashion victimhood, which makes it perfectly acceptable to screw Cuba. It’s not necessarily about genuinely believing the official Castro narrative or truly liking Castro, Inc., just as most people who run around wearing Che’s image might as well be wearing Batman or even Mickey Mouse. It’s just “cool” or “hip” or “progressive” and, very importantly, SAFE–unlike wearing a shirt that says “Give apartheid a chance.”

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